Moghs and Police again set on fire Rohingya houses in Kyacktaw

Kyacktaw, Arakan State: A group Moghs and police personnel set on fire more than 100 Rohingya houses in Kyacktaw Township, today, according to an elder from Kyacktaw.
“The Moghs and police personnel came to our village –Gufedaung – at about 1:30 and the Moghs set on fire the houses. We called the authority and informed to the authority, but the authority not arrive on times at the spot.”

Similarly, the Mogh and police personnel set on fire on Ambawri village at about 3:00pm where around 50 houses were burned down, said a villagers on phone.

“Most of villagers flee from their village for fear of arrest, torture and kill. Most of the villagers are staying near the river and waiting for help.”

Besides, the Moghs and police personnel set on fire Saybirgong village at about 4:pm where the army arrive on time save the village, said  a villager.

“Our village lost some houses, but after arriving army personnel who are taking the security of village, save the lives of villagers of their properties.”

In Kyacktaw Township, there are 14 Rohingya villages in the town and most of villagers are farmers, fisher men and daily labor. These Rohingya are minority in this town and if the authorities are not protect them, their future are not known what will be happen, said an elder from Kyacktaw who living in Bangkok..

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