WFP searches information about foods crises in Maungdaw

Maungdaw, Arakan State: Three persons from World foods Program (WFP) – one Burmese and two westerner including one woman went to Maung Nama village by a car and inquiring the villagers whether the villagers have foods, medicines on August 2,at about 1:00pm, said a villager from Maung Nama.

“We have no foods, no medicines and have been starving; even there is no Banana trees and arum in nearby villages and inside village.”

According to a villager, all the women and children from Natala villages of Maungdaw north, were being brought to Maungdaw refugee centers yesterday, leaving male Natala villagers. They were brought to northern Arakan, to resettle them here with the Government’s responsibility. So, the Government had to supply them foods and other essentials. Now, the Natala villagers become refugees, government will free from supporting them as international INGOs will supply to them foods and others.

In Maungdaw south, the Nasaka along with Natala villagers increased harassment against the Rohingya villagers. The villagers are not able to sleep in the houses and they are living out of the village for fear of arrest by Nasaka. At present, Nasaka tries to arrest villagers all day and night, according to an elder from Alay than Kyaw.

“The villagers have no foods and medicines and have been starving since last one month. Villagers have no permission to go out of the villages to buy anything from the market, so far.”

“This month is also Ramadan –Muslim fasting- month for Muslim Ummah, so people are not able to carry out their religious duties.”

Foreign minister Wunna Maung Lwin told the reporters on July 30, that the government had exercised “Maximum restraint “in bringing an end to the violence. Actually, there were no violence between Rohingya and Rakhine communities.

It is only Government sponsored violence because some security forces were watching when Buddhist mob (Mogh) started torching Rohingyas’ houses and some security forces were firing while Rohingya villagers tried to put out the fires, according to a trader from Maungdaw. “ It was also stated by the Human Rights watch.”

However, Burmese Government this week, rejected accusation of abuse by security forces in Arakan State, after UN raised fears of a crackdown on Muslim Rohingyas.

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