Harassments increased day by day in Arakan State

Maungdaw, Arakan State: Burmese security forces did not pay any respect to the UN representative Mr. Quintana who visited northern Arakan on July 31 and August 1. The security forces arrested and looted Rohingya people continuously though the UN representatives are still now staying  in Burma, said a youths from Maungdaw.

“Today, on August 2, the Rakhine youths beat up the Rohingya people who went to the market of Maungdaw Town for buying goods and rice.”

Some Rakhines community and security personnel are gathering in Myoma monastery in Maungdaw at about 9:00am and the security personnel left the monastery at about 10:00am today. Remaining Rakhines are still satying in the monastery and no one know what is their plan for Maungdaw, said an elder from Maungdaw.

On August 1, at night, at about 10:00 pm, some of Maung Ni villagers of Maungdaw south were arrested by Police personnel who were sleeping at their tents for watching their fishing projects out of the villages. They were released by taking money from them. Each person has to pay 1.5 million kyats as per police demand, but the Rohingyas are labors and can’t effort to pay the money which police demand, said  a villagers from Maung Ni village.

The same day, a group of Nasaka accompanied by some Natala villagers of Nasaka area No. 8 Maungdaw Township went to the village of Oo Daung at night and looted money and pots of two Rohingya family members.  The two family members are identified as Aziz Rahman (35), son of Kala Meah, and Hamid Hussain (40), son of Ismail. But, Ismail was arrested by Nasaka on July 22, and was tortured severely and sent to Buthidaung jail. After looting, the Nasaka took the money and the Natala villagers took away the pots.

On July 31, Mohamed Ayub (30), son of Salim Ullah was arrested by Nasaka personnel of Nasaka area No.8 of Maungdaw Township while he was sleeping in his pharmacy. They also took away Kyat 340,000 from his shop. The next day, on August 1, the same Nasaka went to his house and looted money, and other valuable things. He has been detained in the Nasaka camp since July 31, according to a trader from the village.

In south of Maungdaw town and other places, many Rohingya women and girls were raped by army and Nasaka personnel during the riot period. So the victims are worry to become unwanted pregnancies.  If they get pregnancies, they will want medicines and medical assistant to abort the pregnancies. They also want food as they are starving, said an elder from the village.

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