Over 1180 Rohingyas flee from Anuk Pyin village, Rathedaung

Rathedaung, Arakan State: over 1180 Rohingyas including women and children fled from Anuk Pyin Village of Rathedaug Township since June 19, 2012, according to an elder from said village.

“It is situated at the eastern bank of Mayu River of Rathedaung Township and has 1000 houses. Before torching this village on June 19, Moghs  from nearby villages gave threatening to the Rohingya villagers to relocate them from the village. But, the Rohingya villagers decided to protect their villages until to death.”

“However, on June 19, a group of Moghs with lethal weapons attacked to the village in the evening. Meanwhile, there was a fighting between Rohingya villagers and Moghs, in which ten Moghs were killed and nine Rohingya villagers were also dead. As a result, over 1180 Rohingya villagers fled to other places, mostly whose houses were burned down.”

Later, a group of army and police accompanied by other Moghs went to the spot and burned down village with the help of security forces. But, 40 houses were burned down into ashes out of 1000 houses, according to a villager.

After the accident, the Mogh villagers with help of security forces, the cattle and other valuable goods were taken by the Mogh villagers. The women of the village have been raped by the security forces along with Moghs. The Mogh villagers also destroyed the holy books (Qurans) and Mosques, he added.

Besides, on June 17, the army shot dead 14 Rohingya villagers of Donsay Para of Rathedaung township while giving security for their village at night to protect from Mogh villagers, he more added.

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