Security force still harasses and arrests Rohingya in Maungdaw

Military Intelligence arrested Anwer the owner of three diamond jewelry shop  yesterday when he was sitting in his shop, according to a  trader from Maungdaw.

Sarapa (Military Intelligence) arrested Dil Mohamed (30), son of Abul Boshor, the current village administration officer of Maung Nama village tract of Maungdaw Township, and Ms Mahmuda Khatun (20), the domestic servant of Zubair, the ex-village Chairman of Maung Nama village Tract, on July 27. Ms Mamuda Khatun was picked up from Zubair’s house.  Dil Mohamed and Zubair were close aides of ex-Nasaka Director Lt Col Aung Gyi of Nasaka Headquarters of Gyi Kan Pyin (Kawar Bill) village of Maungdaw Township. It is learnt that Sarapa has been arresting the close aides of Nasaka after sacking of Nasaka director Lt Col Aung Gyi recently. But, Ms Mahmuda Khatu is not concern to the problem, said a villager from maungdaw.

In Maungdaw Township, the authorities of GFM Company have been selling mobile phones to the public since one week ago except Rohingya community. When a Rohingya man went to buy a mobile phone, one of the staff of company asked him that that they have only sold the mobile phones to those who eat pork. Not for Muslims. We want to know that this information is known to GMF company officials or not, said an elder from Maungdaw Town.

Besides, some of the workers from Barsara and Ghorakhali villages of Nasaka area No. 8 go to Aley Than Kyaw village of Nasaka area No.7 to grow paddy saplings every day. After finishing their work in the evening, they return homes. But, on the way, a group of Nasaka personnel from Oo Daung out-post camp under Nasaka area No.8 looted their money and rice which is bought for their homes and tortured. They get Kyat 2,000 per day, said a villager.

The youths of Oo Daung village have been passing their nights without sleeping as the Nasaka of Oo Daung out-post camp daily goes to the village to arrest the youths. So, the youths are not sleeping at night for fear of arrest by the Nasaka. But, who are arrested by the Nasaka are severely tortured and released after taking money.

In addition, the villagers are not allowed to cook food from 6 pm to 6 am during the curfew, even they are also not allowed to light the lanterns, candles and lamps. If the villagers do not comply with the order, he/ she will be tortured and extorted money. Hence, most of the villagers are not able to hold fasting. For instance, Hamida Begum (25), daughter of Kalu, hailed from north of Oo Daung village was severely tortured by Nasaka because of lighting a lamp at about 8:00pm and extorted Kyat 50,000 from her not to arrest.

In Akyab, the lands of destructed houses and mosques have been bulldozed and occupied by army.  The situation of Rohingya refugee camps in Sittwe is deteriorated. People are dying by starvation and lack of medical treatments.

The security force (Nasaka) raid every night the villages in Maungdaw to arrest Rohingya men and Rohingya women were raped in absence of men as almost men were not sleeping at home for the fear of arrest.

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