Update News of July 27, 2012

Relocate Rohingya villages, arrest Rohingya villagers, torture and sent to Buthidaung Jail


On July 25, at around 9:00 am, army accompanied by some local Rakhines forcibly relocated Upper Kyang Daung village of Rathedaung township. It has over 50 houses and the children and old people were facing very difficulties while the armies forcibly vacated them from their houses due to heavy rain, according to villagers.

However, the villagers are temporarily taking shelter in nearby three Rohingya villages–   Sowarp Prang, Auk Nanra Gon (Raza Bill) and Pring Daung villages.

The army has established temporarily camp at Raza Bill village since July 25. Earlier, they stayed at Zedi Pyin Buddhist monastery. They are observing the situation of the village.

The relocated villagers are facing —shelter, food and medicine crisis– as they are not allowed to go market to buy rice and other essentials.

According to government officials, in Rathedaung Township, four refugee camps are established for Rakhine community. No refugees center for Rohingya in Rathedaung. All the Rakhine family members from the town are kept in the refugee camps to show the higher officials who will visit the Rathedaung Township. Their aims are to get rations from donors and to show international community by taking fake photos. Four Rohingya villages were burned down by police, Hluntin with the help of local Rakhines. Only Rakhine community attacked the Rohingya villages and publishing Rohingya attacked Rakhine community where the authority kept the Rakhine community in the refugee camps to show and to publish.

The state of emergency was declared in Rakhine state (Arakan State) by the union government on June 10 and the curfew was imposed by the state government on June 8, 2012.

“The situation is now backing to normal completely, said government official.” Why did the concerned authorities relocate Rohingya villages and arrest Rohingya villagers, so far?, said  a villager.

Besides, Thara Pyin village of Rathedaung Township was burned down on June 21. It has 155 houses, of them 100 houses were burned down. Thami Hla was also burned down on June 14 by police, Hluntin and Army with the cooperation of some local Rakhines. There are also three other villages—Prin Daung, Kudo Chaung and Sao Pyin were burned down.

Maungdaw Township:

Md. Juhar (28), son of Fazalul Haque, hailed from Maung Ni village of Maungdaw Township was arrested by Burma’s border security force (Nasaka) at about 5:30 pm yesterday. After arrest, he was severely tortured and the villagers believe that he will die.

People are not allowed to buy rice so far in Maungdaw Township. So, the people are facing starvation in the holy month of Ramadan.

According to government official, it will stop the state sponsored emergency, when the situation is calm. In fact, there is no untoward incident, now, only the government harasses and arrests the Rohingya community without any provocation. They are culprits and the judge. Rakhine leaders and some of the officials ordered to the local Rakhines not to sell any rations to Rohingya Muslims. If anyone is found to be selling rice to Rohingyas, he/she will be punished.

Rakhine leaders and some of the officials ordered to the local Rakhines not to sell any rations to Rohingya Muslims. If anyone is found to be selling rice to Rohingyas, he/she will be punished.

During the last few days, government authorities have step up arresting many Rohingyas, including religious teachers and village leaders after inviting them to a meeting.

Five religious leaders who were arrested by Nasaka of Area No. 6 of Maungdaw Township on July 22, inviting them to a meeting were sent to Buthidaung Jail yesterday.

Besides, Mohamed Johar son of Muktar, acting village administration officer of Bagona village and its member Syed alam were arrested by Nasaka of Magyi Chaung  on July 26 while attending meeting which was called by Nasaka. The arrestees persons’ information are not known till now the report filed.

Police office Than Htay and his collaborator, Syed Kaseim  are harassing the villagers of Myothigyi everyday to extort money from villagers. The police officer  asked money without any filing case, just said give money or will arrest.

Buthidaung Township:

In Buthidaung Jail, 31 prisoners died.  Prisoners were severely tortured by concerned authorities of the jail. There are over 572 Rohingya prisoners, arrested from Maungdaw and Buthidaung townships recently.   Most of them have been tortured, leaving without food and drink which leading to death. It is learnt that some of the prisoners have been living without clothes. Many Rohingyas were killed in jail and the dead bodies were not returned to their family members, according to a reliable source.

In every town, Rohingya people are not allowed to go out from their villages across the Arakan state. So, the people are dying daily as they are not able to buy any food. Rohingya  People have been keeping in a big cage like birds since last June, and whenever the concerned authority wants to arrest them, they get out from the cage and torture and send to jail over false and fabricated allegations.

The government authorities are killing Rohingyas by cutting the rations. Today, Arakan State becomes silent killing field.

In Sittwe, people have been suffering from food crisis since the incident was occurred. Rohingyas are not allowed to buy food from the market.  Children, old and wounded people have been suffering from food and medicine crisis most. The International Community must take action immediately to save Rohingya lives, said an elder from Akyab.

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