Mass arrest going continuous in Maungdaw

In Maungdaw Township, the arrest of Rohingya Muslims is going on by Hluntin (riot police) and police personnel everyday while they are passing days and nights in their houses as Internal Displace Persons (IDPs) without getting any foodstuffs from any quarter. They are not allowed to go out from their villages to buy any food items from the markets; even Rakhine villagers do not sell rice to the Rohingya villagers. As a result, most of the villagers are starving and children and old people are dying every day, according to an elder from Maungdaw.

“A group of police personnel accompanied by Hluntin (riot police) went to the Ward No.5 of Maungdaw Town and arrested— UlLa Meah (62), the ex-village chairman, son of custom Mohamed Amin, Mohamed Eliyas (50), son of Bodi Uzaman and Sayed Alam (31), son of Lukman Hakim from their home while raided the village.A youth aged (22) was also arrested but released later before leaving a village.”

“The police made a list of villagers or town dwellers to be arrested in next time in every village and Quarter, at least 30 to 40 people are included in the list. The police occasionally went to the villages to arrest the villagers; this is another tactics to arrest and to give harassment to the Rohingya villagers.”

Besides, on July 24, six Sarapa (Army Intelligence) went to Jubair house of Maung Nama village under Nasaka area No.6 of Mauungdaw by car and looked for Jubair, but they did not find him. However, they took away Kyat 1.5 million, some of tiger shrimps, a watch, one TV set and other goods from his house, according to a villager.

Similarly, the Nasaka with their collaborators – Kawlim Ullah , present village administration officer of  Kyaukpinseik ( Naribill) and Salim Ullah are harassing  the village to extort money  with false allegation of involving in the recent riot, according to an elder from the village. “The two collected kyat 200,000 -300000 kyat per head. If anyone refused to pay the money, he will arrested by Nasaka. The villagers who had given the money to them are;- Hafez Mohamed Tawyub,35, son of Ahmed shirf, Abdul Majed, 20, son of Sultan,Shawfique,24, son of Shuna Ali, Jabir, 20, son of  Shawfi Rahaman,Rahamat Ullah, 35, son of Abbas Ali,Shuna Meah, 50, son of Syed Karim, Rawbe Ullah,20, son of Abdu Sukur,Feran Ali, 24, Abdul Amin, Hafez Abdul Salam,28, son of Syed Abubakar,Moulana Syed Islam, 27, son of Mohamed Salam, Jafor, 28, son of Sultan,Jawshim,26, son of Abdul Gafor, Salim, 25, son of Kala and Hussein Ahmed, 30, Abul Bashar,”

The Nasaka, army with the collaboration of U Sein Maung, the present Village administration officer frequently went to Oo Daung Village and looted rice, fowls, and other goods from the village. Earlier, 42 villagers were arrested but 15 villagers were released after paying. However, two villagers were re-arrested from released villagers. It is learnt that, the concerned authorities have to arrest more villagers.

In addition, on July 15, a group of Sarapa from Maungdaw Town went to Bawli Bazar of Maungdaw north and arrested Mohamed (30), son of Mogul Ahmed, the ex-village Chairman, Mohame Enus (32), a small trader and Jaffar (35), a small trader. The reason is not known to their relatives why they were arrested.

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