Authority again mass arrests in Northern Arakan

Maungdaw, Arakan State: The concerned authorities- police , Burma border security force (Nasaka) and army- have been arresting Rohingya community since  last Friday, according to a school teacher from Maungdaw.

The police officer from Three miles check point arrested 4 Rohingya from Samawna para near the Myothu Gyi villager yesterday evening at about 5:30, said an elder from Myothu Gyi village.

“The arrestees are living near the village primary school and they are Abdul Sukur, son of Reyaz, Abudl Sukur, son of Kala Meah , Rashid , son of Abdul Sukur and Putu son of Abdul Sukur.”

“Shadek Husson, son of Osman from Sawmawna para was arrested by Nasaka station near Natala ( Shetler) village yesterday at about 4;30 pm, but he was released after extorting 20,000 kyat.”

Similarly, Nasaka arrested Somi Ullah son of Dilu, Rahamat Ullah son of Dilu , Nur Hashim son of Basher and another  from Guna Para of Shwezarr Village yesterday.

On the other hand, Abul Bashar son of Zakawriya and Yasein  ( Converted from Rakhine) from Thanda village  were arrested yesterday by army but the relative are worried for them as the army toke them to the jungle and no information about them.

Besides, Abdullah son of Nurmal Hakhin, Habib Ullah, son of Sultan, Maghgul, son of Abdul Rashid and Foor Khan, son of  Ali Husson from Alay Than Kyaw were arrested by Nasaka  yesterday , according to an elder from Aly Than Kyaw.

In Buthidaung, the security force also are arresting Rohingya from Mosque and home since July 20. The arrestees are:-Husson Johar, Regional Development Association (RDA) secretary hailed from Ward number 3, Buthidaung , Yasin (Bamboo agent) from same Ward  were arrested by police today and the reason was unknown.

Syed Ahmed, son of Amir Rafique, Salim, son of Abdul Amin, Shakar, son of Sultan,Salim son of Faid Ahmed and Abdul Rahaman son of Abdul Malek  from Ywama village of Buthidaung were arrested by police for praying in Mosque yesterday afternoon, according to a trader from Buthidaung.

!8 Rohingyas from Railway Block of Buthidaung were arrested yesterday by police and another 43 Rohingyas from Ward number 7 were arrested from Mosque while they praying afternoon  today,

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