Mr. Win’s Win-Win formula is a recipe for Fascism

Dr. Habib Siddiqui

Last week, I came across Kanbawza Win’s long article – “Killing two birds with a stone or a Win, Win Situation” (Eurasia Review, July 19, 2012) – discussing his thesis for solving the Rohingya crisis in western Burma. As a global citizen who has worked for decades to make our world a more inclusive one away from the brunt of racism and bigotry, I could not resist the temptation to read Mr. Win’s piece. After all, Mr. Win is part of the so-called pro-democracy movement for Burma. He has been critical of the military regime that has been ruling Burma. He is also considered by many to be the voice of reason within the Burmese exiles.
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Imagine, you live in a Country, your Neighbor is a Buddhist Racist called Ko Ko Gyi: Which Country is this?

Abid Bahar

Which Country is this? If you live in this country through generations and you are a Muslim Rohingya, you might be one of the unlucky persons on earth, because you have your neighbor, a racist named Ko Ko Gyi, who travels to the West but keeps his hoodlums in his neighborhood in Arakan to drive you and your family out of your ancestral home. The hoodlums already destroyed the ancient mosque in your neighborhood built in the 14th century. After living for centuries on this land, they think you are a person who have entered their country illegally. Your neighbor Ko Ko Gyi and his buddy Ko Myo Thein claims they are democrats, but in Ko Ko Gyi’s speech he informs his followers: “…it has been a long-standing problem; this isn’t a problem that exists only recently. For decades, the illegal immigrants have been flowing into Myanmar, …the rate these Bengalis give birth, the rate of giving birth is massive and overtime the local Rakhines feel threaten by the sky-rocketed birthrate of these Bengalis. With these birthrates, it’s only the Rakhines who feel threaten.” Another racist named Aye Chan who became a Japanese citizen came to Arakan to say to his Rakhiine people: “These So-called Rohingyas are illegal people and are influx Viruses” needed to be exterminated. The police, security force, NaSaKa (the border guard) and the military, all are there to help them destroy you, and your family. This is all in the name of you being a “foreigner.” So you realized that it is not because you have entered the country illegally, but that these people are Buddhist racists and working on ethnic cleansing of the Rohingya.
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কতৃপক্ষ ধর্মীয় নেতাদের টার্গেট করছে

মংডূ,আরাকান।মংডূর একজন স্কুল শিক্ষক জানান,সামরিক গোয়েন্দা ও বার্মিজ বোর্ডার সিকিউরিটি
ফোর্স রোহিঙ্গা ধর্মীয় নেতাদের গ্রেফতার করছে।
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বার্মাকে রোহিঙাদের নাগরিক অধিকার নিশ্চিত করতে বলা হয়েছে

চট্টগ্রাম,বাংলাদেশ।বাংলাদেশের কর্মকর্তারা এমনেস্টি ইন্টারন্যাশনাল এর সাথে একমত হয়ে
বার্মাকে অনুরোধ জানিয়েছে যাতে রোহিঙ্গাদের নাগরিক অধিকার নিশ্চিত করা হয়,উল্লেখ্য
রোহিঙ্গারা রাখাইন রাজ্যে শত শত বছর ধরে বাস করছে বলে জানান বাংলাদেশের কর্মকর্তারা।
লন্ডন হতে পরিচালিত এআই ইয়াঙুনকে অনুরোধ করেছে যাতে ১৯৮২ সালের নাগরিক আইন
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