Authority targets religious leaders in Maungdaw

Maungdaw, Arakan State: The concerned security forces-Military Intelligence and Burma border security force (Nasaka)- have been arresting religious leaders since yesterday, said a teacher from Maungdaw.

The officer from Nasaka area number 6, summoned all village admin officers with five religious leaders at his office today at about 9:30 am where the officer ordered to the village admins and religious leaders – not to process in the Mosques for congregational prayers or in the homes and if found, will arrest every body in process and also warned that the religious leaders led the conflict between Rohingya and Rakhine, according to a village admin from Nasaka area number 6.

“After meeting, the officer arrested five religious leaders – Moulan Abu Siddique, 45, from Hla Poe Khuang (Sorfordin Bil) village, Moulana Yousuf Ali, 40 from Zin Paung Nyar village, Moulana Mohamed Alam,40, from Poungzarr village, Moulan Kawlim, 40, from Hlabawzar and Moulana Dil Mohamed, 40,from Hlabawzarr.”

Besides,the Military Intelligence and Nasaka arrested 4 other Rohingyas from the Juma Moaque of Thayai Gonetan ( Knonena Para) while they were praying in the veranda (porch), according to a villager.

“The arrestees are: – Moulana  Fazal Haque, 50, Butu, 31,  Amir Abdul Gaffor ,42 and another Moulana . The arrestees were kept in the Nasaka custody of Nasaka area number 7.”

Similarly, the Nasaka and Military Intelligence arrested 6 Rohingyas from Pa Nyaung Pingyi and 3 Rohingyas from Du Nyaung Pingyi today morning, said a villager from Maungdaw south. “ Most of the arrestees are religious leaders or students.”

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