No permission to carry rice from market

Maungdaw, Arakan State: The Maungdaw District administration officer, U Aung Myint Soe and a monk – Ven. Yanmanisara- had given direction to the security force and Rakhine community to stop carrying rice from market by Rohingyas, said a village admin officer from Maungdaw.

“The Maungdaw District administration officer, U Aung Myint Soe and Township administrator officer, U Kyi San, called all Rohingya shop owners from outside of Maungdaw Municipal market to open their shops since July 15 through Village admin officers and also given the ensure of security. But, when Rohingya shop owners opened  their shops, they realized  that there is no security for them.”

“Rakhine youths and monks are taking photographs when the Rohingya shop owners are coming to the shops or while returning home with some foodstuffs for their home. After taking photographs, the Rakhine youths and monks loot the goods from Rohingyas. There is no sign of security for Rohingyas which the Maungdaw concerned authority had  already given them.”

Four sacks of rice were seized from four Rohingya youths by police officer Aye Htun Sein yesterday evening at Ali Para of Ward number 2 and the police officer kept the four rice sacks in the electric generator compound of Maungdaw stationed near clock tower junction, said a young boy who lost his rice sack.

“We are going through the Rohingya village for fear of seizing, but at last, we lost everything. In our home, we have no foods for our families, after losing the rice sacks, we will be starving.”

The Rohingya community has been getting rice in their village through the security forces that brings rice sacks and sell in the village with profit, but, now the monks  gives  advice not to sell or to buy any foodstuffs from Rohingya. So, Rohingya become very difficult to get foodstuffs for their survival, said a village admin officer.

“The police personnel and Rakhines loot the foodstuffs from Rohingya stores during the riots period and kept most of foodstuffs in the electric generator compound of Maungdaw and other were sent to the monasteries where fake Rakhine refugees have been taking shelter for only relief distribution period and back to their destination (Home). Now, they are selling foodstuffs to Rohingya with money ( with high prices).”

“The monks from Maungdaw denied receiving relief goods from INGOs at their fake refugees centers because the INGOs will distribute to Rakhines and Rohingyas. The Rohingyas will survive their struggle without taking risk to carry foodsstuff from market. The INGOs will realize what is going on in the Maungdaw. The Rakhine monks know, they will receive relief goods from local donors from Burma which will only distribute to the Rakhine community who are not real refugees. To show international community, they make drama of refugees and telling everybody that they stay in the camps for fear of attack of Rohingya community. In reality, the Rohingya community is the refugees in Maungdaw, not in the camps as the government is not set up the camps for Rohingya. The Rohingyas are Internal displace people (IDPs) who are sheltering with their relatives or other villages. No one gives them any relief goods. The Rohingya IDPs struggle for their survival by them.”

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