Updated news of Rathedaung Township on July 19, 2012

Yesterday, army went to the Rajabill (Auknanra) village of Rathedaung Township and chased the villagers to arrest but all the villagers ran away. At last, the army arrested one villager named Abul Shama (45) and his wife.  His wife is from Rakhine community and he married her since 20 years ago.  The army also arrested the wife of Abul Shama and both of them were severely tortured by the army.  After marriage, they gave birth four children. His wife was sent to her parents’ house.  However, Abul Shama was released after paying Kyat 150,000. It is not known to the villagers, why the army chased the villagers.

Today, Rohingya villagers are not allowed to go to Zaydi Pyin ( Kyaung Taung ) market of Rathedaung Township for marketing. If the villagers are met on the way to the market, the army and the Rakhine youths beat them.

Besides, at noon, the Rakhine community held a meeting in the Buddhist monastery of Zaydi Pyin regarding the Rohingya community. Though the result of the meeting is not known to the Rohingya villagers, the Rohingya villagers believe that the Rakhine villagers will attack the big mosque of Zaydi Pyin which is established since long ago.  So, the Rohingya villagers become fear and sad.  However, the army made blank fires to the air since 1:00 pm. It maybe threatening to the Rohingya villagers by army.

In Rathedaung Township, Rohingya villagers are not allowed to go out from their villages and are dying everyday because of starvation , shortage of medicine. Most of the villagers are living in open sky as their homes were burned down.

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