Updated news of Rathedaung Township on July 19, 2012

Yesterday, army went to the Rajabill (Auknanra) village of Rathedaung Township and chased the villagers to arrest but all the villagers ran away. At last, the army arrested one villager named Abul Shama (45) and his wife.  His wife is from Rakhine community and he married her since 20 years ago.  The army also arrested the wife of Abul Shama and both of them were severely tortured by the army.  After marriage, they gave birth four children. His wife was sent to her parents’ house.  However, Abul Shama was released after paying Kyat 150,000. It is not known to the villagers, why the army chased the villagers.
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Media Statement – Support for Rohingya

Restless Beings Rohingya Press Conference

Monday 23rd July, 2012


Brady Arts Centre

192-196 Hanbury Street  Stepney, London E1 5HU.

Restless Beings is an international human rights organisation and the leading UK charity to be championing Rohingya human rights. With over 80,000 new website hits in the last few weeks alone and a growing social media following we are determined to ensure the Rohingya voice is heard.

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Machete Massacre in Arakan: The Hidden Face of Burma Exposed.

Abid Bahar

From the military leadership down to NASAKA, the Rakhine police, in the civilian front RNDP and even some leaders closely working with Aung San Suu Kui, the problem with the Rohingya people have been seen as a case of dealing with”illegal immigration” of Bengali people to Arakan. Fortunately, contemporary research on Rakhine-Rohingya relations shows it is not about illegals in Arakan, Burma, it is about intolerance to a people, who are racially, culturally and religiously different from the mainstream racially mongoloid Rakhine-Burmese people.
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145 Spruce Street Ottawa,
ON, Canada K1R 6P1
tel: (613) 237-8056
fax: (613) 563-0017

Dear Madam/ Sir:

This is a letter of protest against the director of the CANADIAN FRIENDS OF BURMA,Mr. Tin Maung Htoo for his open support for the xenophobic regime in Burma committing Rohingya genocide. I have personally known Mr. Tin Maung Htoo for a long time. He seemed to be a friendly person but lately it came to me as a shock when I found out Mr. Hitoo openly taking side with the military backed government and with the Arakani Xenophobes ethnic cleansing pogrom against the Rohingya people of Burma. Mr Htoo’s latest statements (Jul 18, 2012) seems he didn’t change from his previous controversial stand on this issue. On the other hand in the (Jul 18, 2012) statement Mr. Htoo repeats: “Applying the liberties of a free and democratic society, I over the past few weeks presented my personal points of view and shared information in an attempt to balance what I perceive to be some unfair and imbalanced reports disseminated on some media and social media websites regarding the conflicts occurring in Burma’s Arakan State.”
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