No security for Rohingyas under so-called emergency Act 144 in Maungdaw

Maungdaw, Arakan State:  The Maungdaw Township administration office called all the villages’ admin officers today and ordered to collect all religious students list from every village, according to a village administration officer from Maungdaw.

“The office ordered to collect religious students list and may be the office will call again to give them students list or young Rohingya lists. After collecting the lists, may be the authorities start to arrest the students which are the main power of Rohingyas’ next generation.”

The police officers –Thein Tin and Aye Htun Sein – have been harassing Rohingya businessmen who come to open their shops as per the ordered of Maungdaw Township Administration office. But, the Rohingya businessmen are not getting any protection from the authority; also they were picked up by police nearby clock tower junction when returning to their villages. The police officers kept the Rohingya businessmen at the electric power station compound to extort money from them, said a businessmen from Maungdaw.

“The Rakhines are also harassing the Rohingya businessmen while they open their shops and loot anything which they had taken for their home. They can’t able to go and back freely from their home and shop.”

The Burma border security force (Nasaka) – duty at  the bridges- are not allowed the villagers to cross the bridges and the Rohingya villagers are capitulated by the Rakhine goons when they were going to the market. The Township and District authorities ordered the village admins that now every resident can go to the market to buy and sell goods, but  on the other side they barred them.

A Hluntin camp with Rakhine goons stationed between Ward number 2 and 4, are harassing Rohingya while they are going to the market. The Rakhines and Hluntin looted the goods, money and also beat up the Rohingya.

“The authority is trying to show international community that the situation is under control and peace, but there is no security for Rohingya even they are not able to feed their family members.”

Rashid, son of Nawbi Hussain, Harron, son of Habibul Rahaman, Ayas, son of Zawru, Anwar, son of Mason and Omar Faruck, son of Mason –working in ACF (Hunger for Action) – from Myothu Gyi village, were arrested by a military intelligence officer Shwe Oo and a police officer from three-mile check point  yesterday morning at about 8:00am. The officers were without uniform while they arrested the Rohingyas from the village market, according to a villager. Omar Faruck is working Buthidaung as a field officer and was stranded in Buthidaung in the riot period and returned back last week after situation was favor for his office to send him to Maungdaw.

Similarly, Ali Husson, the responsible person of Tawbawlique (Religious gathering center) of Myoma Kyaoungdan village and Ellu, son of Master Gaffor from Ward number 2 were arrested yesterday from office and home by police without giving any allegation.

Yesterday, in the evening, a Rohingya youth from Bomu village who came out from his village and tried to buy some foods for his family, but Hluntin personnel chased him while he was on the road. He ranaway to his village and also Hluntin enter the village where the security force tried to attempt to rape females. While females raised hue and cry, the villagers rushed to the spot and the security force backed from the village, said a villager. “Where is our security while security force tries to attempt to rape our females in the day time?”

Moreover, Some Rohingyas including Abdul Rahim, 14, son of Hafez Adul Ali from Ward number 5 of Buthidaung was arrested by police yesterday.

Some Rakhine strangers from other towns of Arakan State, are staying at Ngwe Shin tea shop, Maung Thaung Wine shop and Timber store near the cinema hall of Maungdaw, are looting Rohingyas in the daytime and night along with police and Hluntin personnel. They also pretend as refugees while distribution of relief goods in the relief centers, said a school teacher from Maungdaw. There are seven fake refugee centers in Maungdaw, after receiving relief goods from donors,and then go back to their destinations, according to an elder from Maungdaw.

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