Update information of Maungdaw Township on July 15, 2012

Two Rakhines with arms arrest in Maungdaw

On July 14, at about 5:30 pm, two Rakhine villagers namely U Maung Soe Tha and U Soe from Oo Daung (Rakhine) village with guns pretending to be army robbed Rohingya villages of Maungdaw south and raped Rohingya women. However, they were arrested by the Nasaka personnel from Sector No. 8 of Maungdaw Township, said a villager.
“Rohingya villagers are demoralized by the persecutions of police, Hluntin (riot police), army and Sarapa (Military Intelligence) since June 8. Meanwhile, some of the Rakhine goons taking this advantage, they ( Rakhine goons) went to Rohingya villages and robbed the goods and raped  women by pretending as army. Where did they get guns and uniforms?”

Rohingya admit hospital for beating in Maungdaw

Beside, a Rohingya named Iqubal from Myoma Khayoungdan village, was beaten by Rakhine who is now admit at the hospital (Maungdaw) today, according to a villager from Myoma Khayoungdan village.

Maungdaw township administration office force Rohingya to open their shops

Maungdaw Township administration officer forced Rohingya traders to open their shops in Maungdaw, today but Rakhine youths were trying to attack and loot the goods, according to a trader from Maungdaw. “We are aware for our security while we open the shops, the officer will take our security or not.”


On July 12, a Rohingya man named Mohamed (35), hailed from Zeebon Chang, under the Nasaka area No. 4 was missing when he went to his betel farm near a Rakhine village. Rohingya villagers believe that he was killed by the Rakhine villagers. The dead body was not found so far.

Seizing family lists in Maungdaw

On July 5, a group of Nasaka from Nasaka camp No.12 of the Nasaka area No. 5 went to the Pawet Chaung village of Maungdaw Township and seized family lists of some villagers without finding any fault. The victims are: Nur Alam (50), son of Dudu Meah, Abu Siddique (48), son of Ali Hussain, Ayub (35), son of Abdu Suban, Ali Ahmed (40), son of Mohamed Amin, Abdu Sattar (48), son of Dildar Hussain, Abu Kalam (47), son of Abdu Khalek, Sodu (49), son of Abdu Fatta, Amir Hussain (30), son of Mohamed Hussain and Saydul Islam (29), son of Mohamed Hussain.

The Nasaka asked the victims to pay Kyat 200,000 per family list to be returned, said another villager on condition of anonymity.

How the villagers tolerate the harassments of— Nasaka, police, Hluntin, army, Sarapa and local Rakhine goons—. The authorities are totally destroying the economics of the Rohingya community by imposing state of emergency only for Rohingya community, not for Rakhine community. The authorities encourage the Rakhine community to attack the Rohingya community

World community believes that the recent violence is occurred between Rakhines and Rohingyas, but actually, the violence is created by the present quasi-civilian government to divert the minds of the people for political benefit.

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