Military intelligence arrest Rohingya villagers from Maungdaw south

Maungdaw, Arakan State:  Military Intelligence personnel  have been  arresting Rohingya villagers from Burma border security force (Nasaka) area number 7 and 8 of Maungdaw south   since July 11, according to an elder from Maungdaw.

“Lt. Col. Kyaw Zwa Win, the Military Intelligence officer led the operation.  The officer  with the help of his coworkers Sergeants Than Win and Kyi Han, Oo Daung village administration officer Tin Maung (Rakhine) and the monk of  Oo Daung village monastery.”

The officer went to the villages without uniform after getting information from their informers (village admin and monk). The officers arrested the villagers according to their coworkers’ information. If they (Military Intelligence) did not find the villagers, they entered the houses and try to attempt rape the females and looting goods, according to a villager.

“The villagers flee from the houses when they see the car of Military intelligence.”

“Nine villagers including Molana Zu Bair, 70, were arrested today where the arrestees were severely tortured in the village and on the road while they were being brought to Maungdaw.”

The officer arrested – well to do family members, educated persons and leaders- to extort money.

The villagers from Nasaka area number 7 and 8 are passing nights and days without sleeping for fear of arrest and torture.

According to a trader, 21 villagers were arrested from Alaythan Kyaw village yesterday night.

Similarly, Mohamed Younous 27, son of Abdul Hussin and Haroon Rashid, 30, son of Sultan from Maungmana village, were arrested by Military Intelligence yesterday night at about 11:30pm while Zubair was absent from his home. Zubair is a close aide of Nasaka director Lt. Col. Aung Gyi. The said two arrestees are workers of Zubair.

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