Update news on July 11, 2012

Maungdaw Township:

Seven villagers of Lound Don and Daybonia (Taungbro letwe) were arrested by the Nasaka personnel from Nasaka Headquarters of Kawar Bill (Kyigan Pyin) of Maungdaw Township on July 8, at about 2:00 pm while they were going to their village after finishing their religious duty at Donsay Para of Maungdaw south, according to a relative of victim.

“They went to that village (Donsay) as a Tabalique Jamat (religious group) before the sectarian violence which was occurred on June 8. However, they have been stranded in that village because of sectarian violence. After arrest, they have been detained in the Nasaka Headquarters, so far.”

Police arrested two Rickshaw pullers and one Haji Aawli Ahmed from Bumhu Para of Maungdaw Township today, early morning, at about 3:30am, said an elder from the village. “The police also arrested three women and two men from the Bumu village in the evening.”

Today, some of the army withdrew from Bawli Bazar of Maungdaw north to Maungdaw south, but reason is unknown.  But, no one is arrested in Maungdaw Township by the authorities concerned, according to a teacher from Maungdaw.

However, the Rohngya people are facing acute food crisis in all townships such as— Maungdaw, Buthidaung, Rathedaung, Pauktaw, Kyauktaw, Mrauk U, Minbya, Mraybon, and Akyab (Sittwe), the capital of Arakan State.  Rohingyas are not allowed to go out from their homes and are not able to buy food from anywhere; even they are not permitted to go to market to buy food. The Rakhine community does not sell any food item to Rohingya community. If the policy is going on, Rohingyas will die automatically. So, it is very necessary to inform the international community to look the matter very deeply, said a politician from Akyab.

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