Update news of northern Arakan on July 10, 2012

Buthidaung Township:

Two villagers were killed by army on July 6, at Naya Para village nearby State Government High School of Buthidaung Town. They were identified as Nabi Hussain (35), son of Ali Akbar and Fokira (15), son of Gora Meah, said an elder from the village.

They were picked up by army in front of their houses while they were standing on the road at about 5:30 pm. They knew that they had to enter their houses before 6:00 pm, as the section 144 and the state of emergency have been imposing since June 10. However, suddenly, a group of army came to the spot and they were picked up and brought to a nearby Buddhist monastery where they were severely tortured by army. The victims thought that they would be killed, so they ran away from the monastery while the army is having tea. Sensing the matter, the army shot them from their behind and the both of them got injuries, said a close relative of the victims.

In the early morning, the parents of the victims were informed to see their sons in the monastery. When the parents were reached to the temple, the injured sons told their parents about their incident in details before their death. A few minutes later, both of them were dead. However, the dead bodies were handed over to their parents and asked them to bury quickly before the local people saw them.

Beside, on July 3, the police of Buthidaung town went to Dodan No.1 village and arrested Dil Mohamed, son of Abdullah, Abdu Kader, son of Sayed Karim and Mohamed Jubair, son of Maulana Nazir, hailed from Dodan No.2 village of Pron Chaung village tract.

In addition, the police also arrested Ano, and Kalu on June 15. Both of them belong to Dodan No.2 village under Pron Chaung village tract.

These arrestees have no crime and they are innocent.  But they were arrested over the allegation that they threatened to the Natala and Rakhine villagers which are nearby Yaung Chaung  Rohingya village. Rohingya villagers barred the Natala and Rakhine villagers who wanted to go to Buthidaung town for fear of Rohingya villagers’ attack and the Rohingya villagers gave grantee to the concerned authority that there will be no untoward incident against the Rakhine community.

Why did the army arrest the said two villagers before 6:00 pm?, asked a local elder.

Some of the Rohigyas were arrested because they violated the law, but there were also some of them who carelessly came out from their houses and were arrested. The Burmese authorities in Maungdaw, Buthidaung, Akyab (Sittwe) and other towns have mainly targeted Rohingya Muslims for arrest, torture and killing, but no actual action is yet taken in to Rakhine people despite their uninterrupted attacks on Rohingya Muslims across the Arakan State.

It is clear that the State government of Arakan State, the RNDP, local Rakhine Leaders, Rakhine youths    create the sectarian riots between two communities with the help of— police, Hluntin, Nasaka and army. It is proof that the Rakhine youths have been making arson attacks to the Rohingya villagers in front of the security forces.  The police and Hluntin are firing to the Rohingya villagers while the Rakhine racists set on fire the houses of Rohingya villages. This means that the government fully involves in the riots for political benefit. If this is not true, why the riots are still going on by one-sided against the Rohingya community?, said a  local leader.

Maungdaw Township:

Today at about 10:00 am, police and Hluntin with eight trucks went to Ward No. 5, Latha Yawa (Naitor Dil) village and Aytahliyah Para of Maungdaw Township to arrest Rohingya villagers. Of which, four trucks of security force were waiting at Naitor Dill and  other four trucks of security forces went to Aytahliyah village track. It is very strange that two trucks of female security forces are also accompanied by them. It is learnt that there is no female security force in Maungdaw town.  How and where the female security force came?  Why did they go to Rohingya villages?

Seeing the security force approaching to their villages by trucks, the villagers were fleeing from the villages.  So, the security forces returned to their camp without any attack.  However, the security forces arrested eight villagers from the paddy fields and roads while returning to their camps.

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