Trap or open door for Rohingya

Maungdaw, Arakan State: Nasaka personnel from Shwezarr out-post number 14, under Nasaka section number 6, cut the fence June 4, at about 7:00pm, according to village admin member.

“The Nasaka personnel cut off three 8×8 feet holes 50 feet from the out-post camp. The Nasaka made it yesterday night after mass arresting in Maung Ni village where most of Rohingyas flee from village to riverside and climb and jump to the Naf River to escape from arrest.”

The villagers from Shwezarr had seen the three holes and become surprise for holes of Nasaka. Some elder said may be it will be a trap for Rohingya community. Other said it will be open doors for Rohingya to flee from Maungdaw. So there will be no more Rohingya in Maungdaw.

“ If it is a trap for us, the Nasaka will shoot and kill us when we will cross the holes while Nasaka will try to arrest Rohingya males (Specially young Rohingyas). The Burmese Government built up the fence for their security, why the Nasaka cut off the fence now. It will not goods for us. It will be a trap, said old men from Shwezarr.

“We have to play very carefully the role of law using to us by authority and Mogh. If we make any mistake, we will lose everything.”

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