Authority again arrest Rohingya community in Maungdaw

Maungdaw, Arakan State: The authorities –Police, Hluntin, Nasaka and army- are again starting arrest Rohingya community in Maungdaw today, according to an elder from Maung Ni village.

“8 trucks and 10 motorbikes entered Maung Ni village today early morning at about 5:30am and the troops rounded up the village and the authority started arresting villagers where they searched mostly young Rohingyas.”

The Rohingyas from Maung Ni village flee from the village for fear of arrest and hiding in the other palaces- riverside and paddy fields and security forces try to follow the Rohingya towards the riverside where the authority open fired to them. One Rohingya was shot dead, but, still not available to confirm his name as the troops took away the dead body.”

More than 100 Rohingyas have been arrested by authority and some were wounded while they were fleeing from the village. “Ayub was wounded at his leg and can’t able to walk.”

Some Maung Ni villagers who were arrested :- Taher, 50, Basa Meah, Sham Shu,35, Yasein, 60, Hamid 12, Jamil Hasson,35, Nurul Salam 35, Nur Hussin 35 and more….

The authority also beats some Rohingya females while their husbands or fathers are out of the homes while police search them. Some females are :-  Majuma Khatun wife of Balal, wife of Hamid and his daughter.

Similarly, Mohamed Ayaz , son of Siddique and Mohamed Kawlim, son of Basa Meah, from Samawna Para near the MyothuGyi village were arrested by police today morning. The operation was led by Police officer from three miles Nasaka check- post.

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