Police extort money from Rohingya businessman in Maungdaw

Maungdaw, Arakan State:  Police office Than Tin has been extorting  money from Rohingya businessman today, according to village admin member from Maungdaw.

“Dil Mohamed son of Abdul Matalaf from Myothugyi village was an owner of a store in front of Maungdaw Juma  Mosques.”

“After June 8, the store was shut down as per no permission to open the shop from the authority and he was staying in the village.”

Than Tin, a police officer from Maungdaw police station went to Dil Mohamed home asked that the police have information about him where he want to arrest and if he was paid 5 million kyat, he will be released. But, the Myothugyi village administrator officer with police had made an agreement to settle this matter as to pay 1.2 million kyat and had paid 200,000 kyat already at first and the rest will pay at 4:00pm today, according to a villager from the village.

“The villagers said the Dil Mohamed was innocent and had no involvement  in the polities and any , but the police are now trying to extort  money from him as he is an owner of a store in Maungda.”

Recently, the police personnel are searching the wealthy person from Maungdaw with list where the police file with false allegations of involvement  in the recent riot. In reality, the persons are not involved in any action in the recent event.

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