No security for Rohingya in Maungdaw

Maungdaw, Arakan State: The Burmese authority –Nasaka, Hluntin, police and Army- are arresting, torturing and killing innocent Rohingyas without giving any reason in Maungdaw Township since June 8, said an elder from Maungdaw.

19 Rohingyas from Nurullah para of Maungdaw south arrested today by Nasaka personnel without any reason, but, after arresting, the Nasaka personnel asked the name of arrestee Rohingya and write down on their note book then said your name was on the list. The Nasaka asked huge money for release, said a villager from Nurullah village.

Shukur son of Sultan and Rashid son of Jalal from Sawmonapara of Myothu Gyi, Maungdaw were arrested today by Nasaka from three miles gate. The village admin officer said there will be more arrest from this village.The villagers are poor and daily labors, but the officer from three miles gate want money from this village with false allegation of so called list – the person who participant in the march for praying on June 8.

Nur Kabir from ward number 5 was beaten and become seriously injure by Hluntin and Rakhine at Maungdaw Cinema hall yesterday at the evening. When Rohingya from ward number 5 informed to army officer about the event, then the army officer with along Hluntin chief and police chief arrived to the spot and save the Rohingya –Kabir. The officers take actions against the Hluntin personnel.  The resident from Maungdaw learned that the high ranking officers have no information about harassing the Rohingya community in the field.

Aung Kyaw Than, the police officer from Maungdaw, arrested Johar son of Azizul Haque –an owner of motor parts shop- on June 29 without any reason. The officer bought a battery for police van and told to send it to police station where he was locked up in the police custody. The next day, the police officer asked 5 million kyats for released.

The police officers –Aung Kyaw Than, Tin Aye, Htun Htun, Kyaw Aye and Then Tin from Maungdaw police station- are harassing and arresting Rohingya community while the officer met anywhere in the town and extorting money from Rohingya comminty.

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