High ranking police officers sell looted rice in Maungdaw

Maungdaw, Arakan State: High ranking police officers –District police head, Township police head with other junior polices-   are selling the rice which the police personnel and Rakhines loot rice from Rohingya shops since June 10, according to an elder from Maungdaw.

“The police officers are sending rice bags from ESB (Electricity supply station compound) to Mozeullah shop of Karee (Khanpara) village every day since June 27.”

“The police officers also sent rice bags to Kamal shop of same village daily since June 27.”

The police officers sent the rice bags by police vehicle to the shops daily 100 bags and collected money from Mozeullah and Kamal 20,000 kyats per bags.

U Myo Win – the district police head – has been going to the shops and collects the money of rice bags.

The rice bags are from Mohamed Younous (alas) Miniga, Shamshu from Shwezarr village and Ramzan Ali from Ward number 5 where more than 1500 bags of rice bags were looted by Rakhine along with police personnel from rice store behind of Maungdaw municipal  market, according to a shopkeeper from Maungdaw.

The authority are selling goods to the Rohingya again which were looted from Rohingya store in Maungdaw and store in the compound of ESB where most of staff are Rakhines and they all together with police looted goods from Rohingya stores.

It is also a big problem for Rohingya as the authority imposed emergence ACT which is only for Rohingya not for Rakhine in Arakan State. Rohingya are not able to go out of their home to finds out kitchen items for survival for their family.

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