Breaking News: June 27, 2012

Buthidaung Township:

Yesterday night, 4-Rohingya man was arrested by army personnel of Military Operation Command             (MOC) No.15 of Buthidaung Township over the allegation that they have been involved in political matter. After arrest, they were brought to unknown place. The arrestees are: two sons of Master Abu Tayub, Imam Hussain, and Abin Chay. They all belong to Ward No.7 of Buthidaung Town.  This is the first time arresting occurred in Buthidaung Township, after the sectarian riots have been broken out in Arakan State, said a villager from Buthidaung Township.

Heavy downpours at Buthidaung Township yesterday, the following villages such as—U Hla Pay, longa Daung, Sindaung and Alay Chaung— went under water and villagers have been facing many difficulties. There is no report about death, but the water is still remaining. While the monsoon shower kept many villagers stranded at home throughout the day since early morning.

Maungdaw Township:  

Today, Nasaka (Burma’s border security force) is seizing family lists of villagers of Myothu Gyi under the Maungdaw Township, reason is unknown, according to villagers.

Maungdaw north and south were flooded by heavy rain yesterday. Many villagers have been inundated and are facing many difficulties. Mean while, the army chased the villagers to arrest, so the villagers have to flee their villages to avoid arbitrary arrest leaving their women and daughters in the homes.

Yesterday, army accompanied by a group of Rakhines went to Oo Daung village – of Maungdaw south in the evening and arrested five villagers and the villagers fled from the village. They looted rice, gold, clothes and money etc.

Army and Natalia villagers went to Khorja Bill two days ago and an arrested 40 villagers (already released by Kaladan Press) and brought them to the mosque of the village and tortured them severely.  In front of the arrestees, the army ransacked the mosque and tear of the Holy Quran. After that, they were put in a truck and covered it with a plastic sheet to avoid from public. Nobody knows their whereabouts.  They also tortured the females in the village as their husbands were not present. At present, the women and girls are staying in the village in a panic-stricken position. They also looted goods from the village.

Yesterday, in the evening, the army arbitrary fired to the villagers of Khonsara and Whycha villages of Maungdaw south, as a result, villagers ran away where they think to be saved, but some villagers jumped into the river. Meanwhile, the water current was very strong as the rain fell very heavily, so the villagers who jumped into river were washed away.  Today, the villagers found 10 dead bodies in the river that are floating.

Rakhines are backed by police, Hluntin, and Nasaka, but Rohingyas are only defenders while their houses were torched by Rakhine mobs in front of the security forces.  Seeing the burning their houses, Rohingya villagers came forward to extinguish the burning houses, but the security forces fired to the villagers, so the villagers are unable to put out the fire and were killed  and  wounded  by the firing of security forces. So, it is not a sectarian riots between Rakhines and Rohingyas, it is a preplanned action against the Rohingya community by government.

A village elder said,” The fake sectarian violence is still going on in Arakan State. It is really happened between government and unarmed Rohingya community. We are innocent, but the authorities give us pressure. ”

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