Breaking News: On June 25, 2012

Akyab (Sittwe):

There are five Rohingya villages that were not burned down yet. Rohingya people from other villages those homes were burned down into ashes or destroyed have been taking shelter in the said villages. So far, a group of Rakhine racist mobs have been surrounding the villages with lethal weapons such as— knives, sticks, swords— though the armies were deployed in Akyab. Few Rohingyas were sneaking out in fear of death and the rest are staying to face whatever happens to them at night, according to an elder from Akyab.

So far, there is no international representative to monitor the situation. The UN representative sent to Burma last week was taken to the military’s selected places, not to original places of Rohingya villages where people have been locked in the homes, where food is quickly running out in that areas and no international journalists are able to cover the situation, he more add.

The government sent a few Burmese military personnel to protect in those villages, is only watching them. This is a shame.

What is happening in the Arakan is not a communal riot and it is a controlled genocide?  We urge the international community to force Burma to allow International observers and media personal, which appear to be the only way to stop the ongoing genocide, said a Rohingya leader from Akyab.

“In Akyab only, over 30,000 Rohingya Muslims become homeless due to burning homes by police and Hluntin accompanied by a group of Rakhines mob. The security forces totally give security to the Rakhine people while they were torching the homes of Rohingyas or Rohingya villages. The security forces shot on fire to the villagers while they protected their homes from torching by Rakhine mobs. The security forces killed and wounded many villagers along with Rakhines racists and many women including girl were raped.”

No Rohingya can go out due to curfew order, if any one is found out side of the home or village, he/she can be shot dead.   Most affected villages are East and west Barsara village, Rohingya Para (old market of Mawlake), Nazir Para including seven small villages. Half of the villagers were killed accompanied by wounded. This is very difficult to communicate each other in Akyab and to counts the dead bodies, missing people and wounded persons are very difficult as the security personnel were taking the dead bodies with them where the arrested persons are unknown where the arrestees are, said a ward administration member.

“About 2,000 villagers had been killed from Nazir Para only by police, Hluntin and Rakhine mobs,” according to the villagers.

Maungdaw Township:

Fake Army – Rakhine (Settler) – rob Rohingya village in Maungdaw

Today, at about 4:00pm, a group of Natala villagers — Rakhine (settlers) who were brought from Barisal town of Bangladesh by Military intelligence in 1980 and settled in Bagonena village east side   – with the uniforms of army, numbering in 15 with two guns and lethal weapons entered the Nyaung Chaung Village of Maungdaw Township and try to loot the villager – Abul Kalam’s house- where he realized that the army was fake and shouted for help.  Hearing the hue and cry, the villagers rushed to the spot and Bangladeshi Rakhines run away from the spot seeing the villagers approaching. However, they fired to the villagers wounding three villagers, said villagers from Nyaung Chaung.

The village administration officer informed to the three miles camp about the incident, but the Nasaka came lately and sent two wounded villagers to the Maungdaw hospital and the another one was given fast aid.

The villagers now believe that all the robberies and looting in the villages of Nurullah para and Bagonena were committed by Natala villagers after pretending as army.

Another thing is very serious matter that is concerned authority equipped the Natala villagers to harass the Rohingya villagers.

Forced signature

Today, Nasaka from three miles camp of Maungdaw town forcibly took signature from a current village Administration officer of Myothugyi village of Maungdaw, in which 50 villagers were involved in the recent communal riots. The authority intends to extort money from the listed villagers and to arrest some of them who are not able to pay the money they demand.

Kill, loot and wounded

Today at about 11:00 am, a group of army and another group of Nasaka (Burma’s border security force) went to Sanda Para (village) and arrested 35 villagers, mostly young. The villagers were running away while the army was firing bullets to the villagers. However, two youths were killed on the spot and seven villagers were wounded.  One of the wounded is a 12-year-old boy and a son of Mohamed Ali, age 80, was severely tortured by army after entering his house. The arrested villagers were brought to unknown place by truck, so the relatives and villagers are very sad regarding their fate.

Besides, today in the evening, 40 villagers from Khorza Bill  south (Kanhpoo), mostly young villagers including Sayed Hussain  and his brother were arrested by army/ Nasaka and were brought to the Nasaka camp. The Natala villagers who accompanied by the Nasaka and army looted four shops owned by Rohingyas and destroyed them.

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