The recent situation of Maungdaw and Rathidaung Townships

The concerned authorities brought many Rakhine poor villagers from different parts of northern Arakan to Maungdaw and are kept under the Nasaka camps of Maungdaw south to show them as Rakhine refugees to UN delegation that will come next to survey the situation of Maungdaw.

The police personnel from Maungdaw loot goods from Rohingyas villagers who were returning to their home after buying goods from Rakhines’ shops. Some elder Rakhine, monks and police told the shopkeepers not to sell any goods to Rohingyas.

It is not a communal riot between Rakhines and Rohingyas. It is really a pre-planned government responsible attack along with some a group Rakhine racists against the Rohingya community.

Special court in Maungdaw

Recently army and Nasaka arrested Rohingyas from various villages from Maungdaw are being trialed at special court in Maungdaw police station where the court sentenced to imprisonment on the spot and sent the Rohingya to Buthidaung Jail. The court used Act 148/506 on arrested Rohingya. In Buthidaung jail has 168 Rohingya with this Act. In the jail, the authority registered the Rohingyas with photograph.

The army, Nasaka and police are arresting Rohingya community, mostly young, educated and well to do family persons without finding any fault. Then, the authority tortured the arrested persons first in the police station after arrest.

As a result, the villagers have been passing nights out of villages without any sleep for fear of arrest. The villagers are mostly stay in jungles or paddy fields to avoid arrest. Taking this advantage, army and Nasaka assault the Rohingya females. They loot all the food items and destroy from the villages. So, the villagers are facing shortage of food and children will die in future, if there is no foods supply to Rohingya community in Maungdaw.

The Rohingya community is staying in the open sky in this monsoon season as their houses have been destroyed and burned down by army, police and Nasaka. So the community need settler to stay in this monsoon season. The tropical diseases are spreading all the villages and need medical team to help them.  Diabetic and heart disease patients are facing short of medicines as they are not able to buy any medicines due to all the shops are being closed and their lives are at risk.


Ms.Soe Mya Mya, 30, (an NGO worker) and her sister, daughter of late Dr. Yah Yah from Ward number 2,  Maungdaw, were arrested by police today morning, reason is unknown.

Reaza Waddin from Habib village and Anam Ullah from Shwezarr village were arrested by Nasaka from Bomu village at noon today while they were going to their relatives’ houses for help. All the arrestees belong to Maungdaw.

25 Rohingyas – educated and leaders- from Anukpyin Village of Rathidung Township were arrested by police with Township administration officer on June 21 and brought them to Rathidaung police station.

Besides, all the children over 10- year old from Anukpyin village of Rathidaung township were brought to primary school in the said village by  police with Township administration officer on June 22 and kept them there as a house arrest, but they  have not been provided  any food even drinking water. The arrested children were tortured by the authority, of them four children asked drinking water where the Township administration officer provided them a bottle of urine of him in the place of drinking water.

Killing and wounded

Ms. Nurfatema, daughter of Idris from Bagonena Village of Maungdaw Township was shot to death by army and Nasaka on June 22 at broad daylight. Another daughter of Idris named, Nur Begum was tortured till her death.

Hashim Ullah and Idris from Tharaykuntan (Barsawra) village, were slaughtered by Rakhines, while they were goingt o their village from hiding place in evening on June 22, after crossing a Rakhine village near their village.

Some of dead bodies are floating in a stream named Mawrinyam sawra nearby Shilkhli village of Nasaka area number 8, Maungdaw south today. The villagers of Shilkhli believe that the dead bodies are those people who were arrested by army three days ago.

One, Rickshaw puller named Kala Meah was dragged from in front of his house and killed by a group of Rakhine youths at Maungdaw football ground while he was preparing to work for his family survival toady at about 3:00pm.

150 Rohingyas were killed and 157 wounded while Rakhines along with police offcer of Kudaung police station of Rathidaung Township attacked to the Anaukpyin village–a Rohingya village of 5,000 Rohingya residents—on June 21 on daytime where the Rohingya villagers defensed against Rakhines around 2 hours and 30 minutes.On information, a group of army rushed to the spot and the situation was under control of army.

Kudaung Police officer shot to death two Rohingya villagers from Anauckpyin village by his service pistol, but they left all the dead bodies in the village. The next day, the Township administration officer of Rathidaung, police officer of Rathidaung and police officer of Kudaung and its team went to the village where they arrested 25 villagers and taking away the two Rohingya dead bodies. But the dead bodies were returned to the villagers after taking the bullets.

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