Breaking News on June 21, 2012

Maungdaw, Arakan State : The authorities—police, Army , Nasaka and Sarapa– are searching Rohingya with lists and most of the villagers are going into panic. The villagers run away from their villages to somewhere to escape for fear of arrest.  The authority mostly target young men, educated persons, villager leaders, smart and well to do family members and politicians. The authority arrest villagers arbitrarily and with not specific allegation. It is a deliberate   action against the Rohingya villagers.


Faisal from Ward number 4 was arrested by Military Intelligence (Sarapa.).
Dawlil –a  co- religious leader and Nur Kawbir from Ward number  2 of Maungdaw.
Hafezur Rahaman, son of Zar Morluk and another one from Ashika  para
Mohamed Noor, son of Bawdur Alam , 20,  Faran Ali son of Ali Ahmed , 22 and Mohamed Noor, son of Bawdi Alam from  Paranpru village.

Mosque locked:

Juma Mosques of Myothu Gyi village are locked by army today.   The authority ordered to all Rohingyas not pray Juma prayer in Mosques.


The Nasaka personnel from outpost camp number 16 of Nasaka area number 6,  Shwezarr village, Maungdaw Township extorted kyat  4 million form  Zawgtiya, son of  Nir Ahmed , who is a disable person  and Lalu, son of Dil Mohamed. They are arrested today at about 11:00am and released at about 4:00pm after paying money.
The Nasaka arrested 8 Rohingyas from Myint Hlut village under  the Nasaka area number 8 today and are released after paying kyat one million per head.

Burned down house in Akyab

The house of Daw Khin Khin who is working in Rakhine state General Post office,was burned down yesterday at about 7:00pm by Rakhines. The Rakhines looted household items before burning the house. It is very surprise that how the Rakhines were able to burn down the house though there is security forces ( Army) during the state of emergency Act 144 is imposed in Akyab.

Rohingyas’ suffering:

Most of the Rohingya community in Akyab and Maungdaw has been facing crises of –foods, water, shelters, medicines and electricity –since June 3, 2012.
Rohingya community from inside Arakan urges international community to send a special envoy with a mandated access to every effected area and to ensure the humanitarian aids to those starving blocked people in Akyab, Maungdaw, and other areas.

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