No safe for female in Maungdaw

Maungdaw, Arakan State: : Authority is using a new tactic “Rape”  to Rohingya community which made  no safe place for  Rohingya female in Maungdaw, said a politician from Maungdaw.

“The authority is using rape as weapon as Shan state. It is starting now in Maungdaw to drive out the Rohingya from their homeland.”

“Since June 8 till now, more than 60 women were rape in Maungdaw by security personnel –police, Hluntin, Nasaka and army- and together with Rakhines and New settlers (Natala).”

Most of the Rohingya female were rape by security personnel with together Rakhine and new settler (Natala) while all the males were in meeting which called by security, that other security group entered to the village house by house where destroyed all household item, loot valuables –gold and money- only. At that time all females were in the house where the security with Natala and Rakhines rape Rohingya female, said a victim from Paungzarr.

“The security force- army and Nasaka – entered to the village at night for checking of family list where the force rapes Rohingya female in the house as no male are living in the house for fear of arrest.”

Some  rape cases  were occurred  as fellow : –  4 Burma border security force (Nasaka) personnel from three mile check post  raped a Rohingya woman – Kala Banu (not real name), (30) from Sammawna para near Myothu Gyi village June 15 evening where the Nasaka personnel took all her goods. On June 17, Amina (not herreal name) was gang raped by Army till she died in Pandaung Pin (Nawlborna ara) village under Maungdaw, and Dildar (not real name) 16, Amina (not real name) 15, Hamida( Not real name) 17, and Kulsuma ( not real name ) 18 were raped by army in Bagonena village, where another 2 Rohingya women were raped from Bagonena village on June 18.

On June 19, in Nurullah para, the army with Natala were raped some Rohingya female :- Shawfika (not real name) , 25; Kalabanu (not real name),15; Anno (not real name), 25; Dawlabanu(not real name),15; Rozeeya (not real name), 12;Lalbanu (not real name),12; Zanu (not real name), 25; Gulzahar,15; Bubuli (not real name), 15;Shunabe(not real name),20 and two other  12 years old girls.

On June 20, In  Magyichaung of Paungzarr village of Maungdaw, Nasaka rape some Rohingy female:-  Nunu(not real name), 25; Bawlkis(not real name),24;Katoon(not real name) 65 are one family member and Hamida (not real name), 40; Arnofa (not real name), 45; Lalbanu(not real name), 16 and Mumu (not real name), 14 are also one family member where Banu (not real name) 50 was rape also.

Similarly, Shawkila (not real name) 16 was gang rape by Nasaka who become seriously injured and the family member reported to the Nasaka officer of camp number 17 of Paungzarr. First the officer didn’t accept the report when the family show their daughter , the officer offer them 10,000kyat for treatment and threaten not to report to high level officer, according to victim family member.

Muslims are not protected in Arakan –Maungdaw and Akyab- by the security force – Nasaka , Lon Htin and police –  and have become killer forces. Instead of protecting the helpless, controlling the situation, restoring law and order, they rampaged and burned the Muslim villages and shot at the fleeing people from the burning houses. Curfew has been imposed just to carry out systematic killing of the Muslims in Akyab city and Maungdaw towns. During curfew time the Rakhines (Buddhists of Arakan) hooligans took to the streets together with the so called security forces and police and intruded the Muslim villages and started burning and killing and looting Muslims’ houses and properties. This is unacceptable. Muslims are being killed, their houses and mosques burnt down, their properties looted and their women raped, said Nurul Islam, President, the Arakan Rohingya National Organisation (ARNO), at a  peaceful rally to protest against the mass killing of Rohingyas and Muslims in Arakan in front of the Burmese embassy in London on 13 June 2012.

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