Breaking News: June 20 evening


More than 50 Rohingya arrested today in Shwezarr village. Some are;- Bashar with his son;  Rashid son of Kalu,  Bashor, Iiliyas son of Waris, Badiya son of Salim, Shawtar Hussin son of Jamil, Shakayer son of Sulayman and other more.


Police offers _ Htun Htun and Aung Kyaw thein loot Kyat 12000 from Iman Husson of Ward number 2  who worked as daily vegetable  seller.

The police officers also loot 100000 kyat from Dil Mohamed ( a Betel leave shop owner) of  Bomu Village.


Authority announced to put red paint on the forehead for Hindu when they go out from their village.

The Ward administrator of number 1, Hla Myint announced that family list will check at night after he collected all family list of Rohingya  and submit to the Immigration office today. Then, he returned the family list to Rohingya family where said there will be gust checking at night.

Searching Rohingya

In Maungdaw town, Ward number 2, Police, Special Branch and Military intelligence searched for Rashid (ex-clerk) in his house while he was not appeared to the concerned authority today at about 9:00am. The officer were searched his house but not looting any things from the house and no arrested any one from home.

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