Rohingyas demonstrate peaceful in front of European Parliament, Belgium

Chittagong, Bangladesh: Rohingya Associations worldwide – 9 Rohingyas organizations and individuals from European – demonstrated peacefully in front of European Parliament, Brussels, Belgium on June 18 at about 2:00pm, according to Ibrahim, Burmese Rohingya Association in Deutschland (BRAD).

“The peaceful demonstration was held to protest the massacre against Rohingya minority by the Rakhine in association with local authority, police force and military in Arakan state of Burma (Myanmar).”

The Rohingya Associations worldwide urged to send an EU special inquiry team to the effected areas – Maungdaw and Akyab- and Humanitarian Aids; to replace the displaced Rohingya to their own villages and  to recognize Rohingya as Burmese ethnic group.

Mr. Nurul Islam of ARNO, Mr. Mohammed Siddique of BROUK and Dr. Anita Haroon of BRAD delivered speech in the demonstration.

The Rohingyas handed over a letter of demand (petition) to European Parliament staff at the end of demonstration.

The Rohingya petition mention that the conflict was followed after the rape affair of a Rakhine girl presumably by the Muslims and the murder of 8 Muslim pilgrims by the Rakhine, Burmese regime is re- fuels escalating violence elsewhere in the Rakhine state. The authority is taking the advantage of the public unrest, to turn back to the absolute military power ignoring what have achieved in term of political stability and mutual understanding between the military and NLD. Simply, it is not an “intercommunal cleansing” but rather it is purely part of the exercise of genocide against the Rohingya perpetrated by the Burmese regime. It seen a ultimate goal for regime.

The security forces and the NASAKA, local military group, in collaboration with the Buddhist Rakhine, have played an important role in driving the Rohingya Muslims out of their villages through the mass murder, burning houses, raping and looting.

Some of the Rakhine villages were burned leaving many homeless in Maungdaw Township but those burning were carried out by the local police to ignite the cleansing, according to the confirmed sources. ”Organizing the huge mob of Buddist Rakhine, the security forces and the military continued burning the properties of Rohingya, gang rape, looting, killing, arresting the innocents up to now.”

Many Rohingya muslim villages: Paikthey Village, Rohingya Village, Nazir Village, Plouktaung village, Makyi Myaing village, Sanpya village, Basara village and Bumay villages – were already burned down and vanished and most of the villagers were either killed or disappeared in Sittwe township.Some were drown in the Kaladan Sea while escaping in the fishing boats were hit by the shelling of Military navy and corps were scattered floating in the water around Sittwe according to the confirmed sources.

Some were able to reach to the western part of Sittwe to join the Musilms villages refuging under the tress and temporary shelters without any grain of food and other basic needs except 25 rice bags offered by WFP in Sittwe. More than 10,000 Rohingya Muslims were totally blocked in this little village called Thakkay Pyin leaving no option to survive.

Some boats carrying the fleeing Rohingya were pushed back by the Border authority of Bangladesh and the fate of those people is still unknown.

Minbya, Mrauk Oo, Pauktaw, Kyawtaw, Kyaukpru, Sandwe, Mann Aung and  Rambre, towns  attack on the Rohingya were taken place by the mob of Rakhine and the losses are still not known. In some areas, insecurity and danger is still there, under the threat of unpredicted attack by the security force and Buddhist Rakhine.

UN special envoy Vijay Nambiar had a quick visit to Rakhine state, but he did not have a chance to visit the most effected area specially to the ” Blocked area of Thakkay Pyin village ” in Sittwe Township.
We are very concern for those ‘ Blocked homeless people” seem to have a tragic end: starve to death, according to petition to the EU Parliament.

Rohingya Associations worldwide is seeking  an earnest request to the EU to send an special envoy with a mandated access to every effected area and to ensure the humanitarian aids to those starving blocked people.

The Rohingya Associations worldwide included – National Democratic Party for Human Rights (in Exile) ;Arakan Rohingya National organization (ARNO); Burmese Rohingya Organization UK (BROUK); Burmese Rohingya Association Japan (BRAJ); Burmese Rohingya Community in Australia (BRCA); Burmese Rohingya Association in Thailand (BRAT); Rohingya League for Democracy (Burma) (RLDB); Rohingya Community in Norway (RCN); The Burmese Rohingya Association of North America (BRANA) and many individuals from Denmark and Netherlands- are joint in the demonstration .

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