Breaking News on June 19, 2012

Burned down village and killed in Rathidaung

Rakhine burned down a Rohingya village – Anauk Pin – in Rathidaung Township today morning at about 8:30 am, where 60 houses were burned down into ash, died 8 Rakhines and 8 Rohingyas. More villagers were wounded. Another Rohingya village –Muzardiya- was also burned down today where  2 Rohingyas. Similarly Rohingya village –Tharapin- was also completely burned down and most of Rohingya villagers were slaughtered. These villagers are stranded between Rakhines villages and Mayu River.

Arrested in Maungdaw

Mohamed Ali from Ward 4 and three members of Regional Development Association (RDA) including its chairman Younous were arrested today.

Zaw Zaw lat from Ward number 2 (Fayazee para) was arrested by Military Intelligence today at about 7:00pm.

Army arrested more Rohingyas from Zapinya, Paungzar, Labawza, Katpagone, and sanfordin bil where the authority checked the family list and arrested the young people from the villages. The arrested Rohingyas were toke by trucks which covered with canvas. If any family had failed to show  all members while checking the list, they took the list from that family.

Rape in Maungdaw  

Dildar (not real name) 16, Amina (not real name) 15, Hamida( Not real name) 17, and Kulsuma ( not real name ) 18 were raped by army in Bagonena village of Maungdaw on June 17.

Pushed back Rohingya from Bangladesh

Border Guard Bangladesh (BGB) and coastguard pushed back 139 Rohingyas from Sharpordip yesterday (June 18), according to BGB official.

After persecution of Police and Hluntin, army started again persecution against Rohingyas by using a new tactic, So, the Rohingya again start to flee to Bangladesh by small boats – only able to board 10-13 people- yesterday night by custom, BGB and coastguard seized 6 boats along the Teknaf –Sharpordip.

!3 Rohingyas are being detained in BGB custody as a temporary.

The Rohingya are fleeing for fear of arrest as Burmese armies are picking up Rohingya young people village by village, according to a arrested young Rohingya.

Rohingyas breathed a sigh of relief thinking that the crisis violence in Arkan was cover become worried at yesterday’s fresh intrusion attempt.

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