News on June 18, 2012

The authorities – Army, Nasaka and police- have been engaged in systematic looting, rape females, arson attack, and arrest on village after village inhabited of Rohingya community, accompanied by new settlers and Rakhines and butchering Rohingya men, women and children indiscriminately, a politician from Maungdaw

“Rohingyas , their rightful status as citizens of Burma, give back their lands and ensure all kinds of protection to these people  so that they may not have to flee their home to another country in the future.”

 BGB arrests 104 Rohingya at border

Border guard Bangladesh (BGB) arrested 104 Rohingyas from Naf River who crossed with small rowboats carrying 10 -15 people per boat today.  The Rohingya , mostly young , are fleeing for fear of arrest  by calling meeting  in every village under army and Nasaka where they arrested young Rohingyas  and kept them in the Nasaka Headquarters.

Arrest by Nasaka and army

Aabadulllah from Bagonena village.

20 Rohingyas from Gonnaipara, Hayoungkhali  village under Sherzar village tract .

3  Rohingyas from Paungzar village (Mohamed Sultan , Abdul Razak and another one )

Mulana Osman, from Labawza village.

Dr. Nawzumawddin was called by authority yesterday from his home and he is still in the custody of authority. Nobody knows the reason of keeping him.

Nurul Haq alias Kala, Fazal (ex- clerk), Fayazul Haq ( ex-middle school teacher) and Hussin (teacher)  from Ward number 4 after authority called meeting in Maungdaw today morning.

Younous , Ward administrator officer  from Ward number 2 after authority called meeting in Maungdaw today morning.

 Loot and destroy

Aabadullah’s house was destroyed   after looting from Bagonena village.

The authority –Army, Nasaka, Military intelligence and police intelligence round up the house of Hussin (teacher) from Wards number 4 where the authority tooted and beat severely to his family for his absence.


Amina (not herreal name) was gang raped by Army till she died in Pandaung Pin (Nawlborna ara) village under Maungdaw yesterday.

2 Rohingya women were raped from Bagonena village.


Rohingya community become short of foods as they are not able to go  to buy foods  from market for emergency Act 144 and most of the Rohingya property were looted and destroyed foods from shops and homes  by Rakhine with together  Hluntin, Police and Nasaka and army. Now, the Rohingya become starvation and not receipt aid from authority where Rakhine receipt it foods. So, Rohingya called to international community to help food under supervised of UN, according to an elder from Maungdaw.


25- Rakhine community and 25- Rohingya community were called and held a meeting under   all concerned Maungdaw authorities where the authorities discussed to stay peacefully between two communities. But,  Nasaka director Lt.Col  Aung Gyi said that  the authority will  arrest  more persons  within next three days  to find out the person who create the problem.

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