Breaking News: June 17, 2012

Security forces arrest Rohingya in Maungdaw

The security forces – police, Hluntin, Burma border security force (Nasaka) and Army – are arresting Rohingya community in different villages of Maungdaw today (June 17, 2012).

The security forces are searching Rohingya young people, elders from Nyaung Chaung village to Allay Than KYaw (All the villages are along the road of Maungdaw- Allay Than Kyaw ).

Army stationed at Nurullah para from where the army operate killing, looting, arresting, rape and destroying houses. The security personnel held meeting with Rohingya villagers today where they threatened that “you will face more difficulties than now”. The army loots Rohingya villagers in Pandawpin village while they held the meeting in said village. The army only took away the valuables –gold and money- and destroyed every household item.

25 Rohingyas youth from Pandawpin (Nawbawna) arrested today morning from meeting which was called by security forces.

40 Rohingyas youth from Thayai Gonetan (Knone Na para)

35 Rohingyas from Oo Doung

20 Rohingyas youth from Bagonena

5  Rohingya from Kawzabil

9  Rohingyas from Lambagonena

Killed and wounded

2  Rohingyas were killed and 2  wounded in Bargowa village of Kyauktaw town

Rashid Ahmed was shot dead by Nasaka in front of Army in Zawmattat village today morning. Villagers buried the dead body in village graveyard.

Shawfique Ullah was also shot dead by Nasaka in front of Army in Lambagonena village.

Nawbe Husson was tortured by army and his house was destroyed and looted in Lambagonena village.

Iddres son of Shawfi was tortured by army in Lambagonena village.

Most of the villagers from Gudusara village flee from their village to avoid from the arrest and torture of army and Nasaka.

Burmese authority is using new tactics against Rohingya to flee from their homes. They destroy wealth of Rohingya community, arresting Rohingya youths front every village of Maungdaw south and brought them to the Nasaka  Headquarters where they are severely tortured and taking photographs after equipping lethal weapons – long swords, knives, flaming touches and fuel bottles- to prove the world  that they (Rohingyas) are terrorists through state media, according to an elder from Maungdaw.

“It is clear that the government is doing systematically ethnic cleansing to flee Rohingya community from their homeland ( Arakan).”

“The Rohingya will be suffering from starvation if the situation is going on. The Burmese authority distributed foods to Rkhine community, but not to Rohingya  community.”

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