Stable Situation in Akyab, but facing food crisis

Chittagong, Bangladesh:  Today, the situation of Akyab (Sittwe), the capital of Arakan State is calm after deploying army.  Now, all the Rohingya villagers have been facing food crisis since the violence was broken out in Akyab, said a trader from Akyab on condition of anonymity.

Over 50,000 people are made homeless in Akyab after ethnic and religious violence.  Communal violence in western Arakan poses a threat to the country’s transition towards democracy. It is very important to find out the root cause of this violence and give a satisfactory solution for both sides.

The Rakhines do not sell food items to the Rohingyas in Akyab and the rain falls very heavily since yesterday causes acute shortage of food items and more over it is impossible to find shelters as their houses were burned down.. Now, they are living in schools, and other relatives’ houses with narrow spaces.  So, people mostly, children have been suffering from diseases such as diarrhea, cough, dysentery etc.

Today, the homeless people in Akyab are provided rice by local authorities. They received ¼ KG per head per day, which was donated by business people from Rangoon both Buddhists and Muslims.

Besides, 30 people of Myanmar Gri( Borwa) and Hindus are arrested by the army in Akyab township while going to arson Muslim Rohingy villages, said another village elder from Akyab.

On June (13),when  Vijay Nambian,   UN  chief Ba   ki Moon’s special adviser on Burma  accompanied by  Burma’s Border affairs Minister Gen Thein Htay and 15  Muslim religious leaders from Rangoon visited Akyab by helicopter, they were only allowed to observe  the Nazir para only as at that time it was only half burnt . After seeing the Nazir Para, they were flown to Rangoon under the pretext of insecurity at Akyab .

Moreover, today after Zuma prayer, in Maungdaw Township, Bomu Para of Aley Than Kyaw village tract, Horsara village,  Salim Para, Alima para( village) of Zaw Matet village tract, Shil Khali Para and Waisha Para under the Nasaka area No.7  of Maungdaw Township were attack by army with the collaboration of some Buddhist Rakhines  and looted— cows, fowls, goats, rice and food  items and other valuables— from the Rohingya villages. They also threatened the villagers by firing and when the villagers ran away into safe places, the army raped young girls and robbed their ornaments taking the advantage of absence of male members, said a villager from the locality.

Yesterday, Abdu Monaf, son of Abdul Haque, hailed from Horsara village under Zaw Matet village tract was killed by army after bringing him to their temporarily camp from his home.  He was stabbed on his foe-head. The army also raped his family members, said a relative.

In Buthidaung township, two sons of late Abdu Salam who are working at UNHCR and the son of Maulana Salman  who is also working at UNHCR  were arrested by police over the accusation that they passed information of northern Arakan to abroad. Police also arrested Rofique from Buthidaung over the allegation that he also gave cooperation with them, said a local elder from  Buthidaung

Over 1000 people were killed and some were wounded at Rathedaung Township while the Rakhine villagers set on fired  the villages , such as — Tha Oo Pyin, Saran Khata,  Kudir  Chaung,  Pyin Chaung,  Sarak Pyin, Anawk  Pyin  and Muzair Dia yesterday, said an youth from Rathedaung town.

Rakhines wrote letters to the remaining Rohingya villages in Rathedaung Township that they threatened to attack the Rohingya villages. So, they are living in constant fear and in security.

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