Breaking News: June 16, morning

Nasaka and Hluntin surround Sawmawna  para in Maungdaw

The Nasakapersonnel from three miles   and Hluntin surrounded the Rohingya village “ Sawmawna para” near Myothu Gyi  under Maungdaw over the allegation of hiding arms inside the village today morning. This village was set on fire by police, Hluntin and Rakhine . Some houses were burned in to ashes and remaining houses are facing the allegation where no men are living in the village. Only female are protecting their home from looting.

Now, Nasaka and Hluntin are searching houses by houses and the Rohingya people from Myothu Gyi and  Sawmawna para, are watching  the situation.

Houses burned down in KyaukTaw

20 houses were burned down by Rakhines in Apaukwa Village of Kyauktaw Township yesterday morning.  The army personnel nearby village came to the village and extinguished the fire.  No information of death.  Army deployed all the Rohingya villages in Kyauktaw south and north.


Rakhines burned down the villages – Thamihla and Thangodown- yesterday.

Nasaka seizing kitchen swords from Shwezar

Nasaka personnel from camp 16 of Shwezar, Maungdaw are seizing kitchen swords from Rohingya houses of Shwezar village today morning. The Nasaka called the villagers with their family list and check the listed Rohingya and seizing the kitchen swords.

Looting in Maungdaw

Hluntin, police accompanied by Rakhines went to the Banga  para under Zawmatat village tract  and looted goods – Rice, valuables  and other goods- from house of Rashid Ahmed today morning.. The Commander of Nasaka called the villageer to hold a meeting today.

Checking family list and arrest

Nasaka and Rakhines are checking family list and arrested some villagers from Thanda village under Nasaka area number 7 today morning.

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