Breaking News : June 16 evening

Security personnel start arresting Rohingya in Maungdaw

Security personnel – Police, Hluntin and Nasaka – start arresting Rohingya community in Maungdaw today (June 16, 2012). The police and Hluntin are still using Rakhine when they went to the Rohingya villages in Maungdaw.

Arrested person are:-

  1.  Younous , Chairman of Regional Development Association (RDA) with two other , name not know yet from Maungdaw Town.
  2. Kaseim son of Rahim Ullah,  Berahaman son of Hussein, Molana Islam, Anis Ullah son of Molana Rashid, Ahmed Rafique son of Syed Islam,  one from Ward number 4  and another one is from Padaung , arrested by Nasaka  and Police while they are fishing in the stream near the Sawmawna para as they have no foods to feed their family.
  3. Dildar son of Ano Meah, Salim Islam son of Abdul Goni, Nurul Islam, Nur Mohamed son of Amin Ullah were arrested by Nasaka from Thayai Gonetan ( Knonena para) village
  4. Jamil son of Musawddin  and Mohamed Ali from Maungdaw Town

Burned down house and looting

The Security personnel burned down the following houses in Thayai Gonetan ( Knonena para) village today. The security personnel had loot their ( Rohingya) property before burned down.

  1. Yousuf son of Hasson, Mohamed son of Habib Ullah, Abul Hussein son of Hasson, Master Fazal, Ferose son of  Yousuf, Shamshu son of Kaseim, Anwer son of Abu Taher and  Salim Ullah son of Abdul Goni.
  2. New Settlers (Natala) and Rakhines together toke away cow from grassing field of Sammawna para, Myothu Gyi  and Nyaung Chaung villages.

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