Bangladesh pushes back Rohingya refugees

Teknaf, Bangladesh: Bangladesh pushed back a group of 44 Rohingya refugees on June 15, in the bad condition of weather, said a local villager from Shapur Dip.

The Rohingya who try to enter to Bangladesh  by boat were pushed back to the sea

“Border Guard Bangladesh and Coastguard of Bangladesh pushed back 43 Rohingya refugees who tried to enter Bangladesh through Saint-Martin Island with a trawler last Wednesday.”

Unfortunately, the trawler could not be pushed back immediately as it was damaged while trying to moor in gusty wind and rain. Meanwhile, a baby was born on the boat on Thursday morning. The group had been kept under the coast guard’s detention in the island when the baby was born.

BGB and Coastguard provided the intruders with a new trawler and sent them back at around 4:30 pm yesterday.

An old man told Kaldanpress, “We are fleeing to Bangladesh from Burma as our villages were burned down and many Rohingya Muslims killed by police, Hluntin and Rakhines in Sittwe (Akyab).”

The old man also said that Bangladesh is Muslim country and independent, so we fled to Bangladesh from avoiding of killing by police, Hluntin accompanied by Rakhines. We also believe that we will get shelter from Bangladesh authorities.

“At least, the Bangladesh authorities should give us a small place in the heavy rain and windy as human being.  Bangladesh pushed back us in the bad weather, but they can push back us when the weather becomes normal. It will be good for us, the old man more added”

There are a number of boats drifting in the mouth of the Naff River with women including children and wounded on boats.

There are 15 boats along with nearly 2,000 Rohingyas mostly women and children  have been stranding in the Naf River since Thursday night (June 14) that fled to Bangladesh because of violence by police, Hluntin and Rakhines in Arakan State. The stranded Rohingya boats are not seen in the Naf River today morning and no one knows where the boat had gone, according to a local from Shapuri Dip.

The UN Refugee Agency, State Department of USA, Human Rights Watch, Bangladesh Nationality Part (BNP) and some of the Bangladeshis urged to provide a safe haven for the refugees. But, the government does not agree to accept Rohingya refugee in Bangladesh so far.

In fact, the world began to see a” slow genocide” taking place against Rohingya people. Many of the Rohingyas in the face of killing by authorities left their land and escaped by boats to Bangladesh.

But the Timing of the riots against the Rohingyas is quite worrying. Many see this as a ploy by the entrenched military to keep Aung San Suu Kyi under political to pressure. She cannot overtly support the Rohingyas for then she may lose support of Buddhists there. But, she cannot at the same time afford to ignore the human rights violations of the Rohingyas. This will bring condemnation from the international community. She has therefore to find out a solution to this question with the authorities there soon, according to June 16, the daily Star’s editorial “The Rohingya questions’ by Ashfaqur Rahman.

When the reporter asked  in a news conference in Bern, the Swiss capital, whether Aung San Suu Kyi accepts  Roingyas as Burmese  as citizen, she repeated the need for role of   the law in the country as well as clear citizenship regulations and efficient  border enforcement policy.

“We need very clear and precise laws with regard to citizenship to begin with. But I would like to mention here a very practical problem that we have to resolve in the Rakhine State. I think one of the greatest problems comes from the fear on both sides of the border – that is to say [between] Bangladesh and Burma – that there will be illegal immigrants crossing all the time and this is due to the porous border.”

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