Breaking News : June 15, Friday morning

No Juma prayer in Maungdaw

The authority – Township administrator and District administrator-  of Maungdaw had issued an ordered  to the Rohingya , not  to process the Juma praying in Maugdaw Township.

Rohingya need basic necessities help

More than 50,000 Rohingya community are needing for basic necessities – water, foods, medicines and shelters- for those who lost their homes and villages. Now, heavy raining in Maungdaw and Akyab, the Rohingya have no shelters to protect from raining. There will be diseases affect to the Rohingya victim of riot if the heaving raining will continues.

Army arrested Rakhine , Marmagyi and Hidu

Army arrested 4 armed Rakhines in Bakagonena field  which is between 3 miles and Kawlizabanga village yesterday evening.  The armed four confessed that there other Rakhines with arms in Maungdaw.
Army arrested 30 Marmagyi and hidu communities in Akyab while they are trying to touchRohingya villages in Akyab yesterday. They confessed that they are organized by a group of Rakhine racists to do this.

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