Breaking News: Friday evening ( June 15, 2012)

Stranded Rohingya boats in Naf River disappeared

Stranded Rohingya 15 boats in Naf River are disappearing with more than 2000 Rohingyas since early morning today who fleeing to Bangladesh because of violence by police, Hluntin and Rakhines.

The Rohingya who  were drifting in the Naf River as the authority of Bangladesh didn’t allow to enter  its land,  hit heavy rain and windy since Wednesday night.

The stranded Rohingya boats are not seen in the  Naf River today evening  and no body know  where the boat gone, according to local from  Shapuri Dip.

People believe that those boats are missing in the heavy rain and windy with 35 fishing boats in the sea.  The Bangladesh –Baurma border areas are under water for   heavy rain and windy   which started since Wednesday night.


4  Burma border security force (Nasaka) personnel from three mile check post  raped a Rohingya woman – Kala Banu (not real name), (30) from Sammawna para near Myothu Gyi village today evening where the Nasaka personnel took all her goods. In this village, no men are living  in the village only female are staying in their home to protect from looting. But, noe the Nasaka are going to rape the female as there are no men in the village.

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