Breaking News : June 14 evening

10-Rohingya girls raped today in Maungdaw

Ms. Hamida (18), daughter of Rahim Ullah, Rahena (19), daughter of Ms. Momina and other six Rohingya girls  from Baggona village and  Hasina (18), daughter of Abdul Haque, Hamida (16), daughter of Baser and Nur Kaida (17), daughter of Habi Rahaman from Nurullah para  were raped  by army  today.

In addition, army also looted properties of Rohingya villagers especially money, gold and silver from the villagers.

On the other side, army forced Rohingya villagers in Maungdaw south, with a marketing list which cost around 50,000kyat. The army threatened to kill the villagers, if not follow the ordered.

One Natala villager named Saw Maung (Rakhine) guided the operation against the Rohingyas at Nurullah Para.

Rohingya dead bodies’ bags seen in Maungdaw

12 bags of Rohingya’s dead bodies were seen under the bridge which connects ward number 5 and ward number 3 in Maungdaw. The legs of dead bodies are seen on the water. When the Rohingya from Ward number 5 tried to take out from the water, but, police arrived at the spot and surround. No one was allowed to go to the spot.

Robbery committed by army in Maungdaw

Army robbed the Rohingya villagers – Shamsu (40), Md. Johar (35), Foruk Ahmed (40) and Ismail (80) of Baggona under the Maungdaw Township today at about 2:00 pm,  where Md. Johar was tortured seriously.

Army looted money and gold from the said villagers.

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