Killings continue in Arakan after declaring army’s control

Maungdaw Arakan State :   In Arakan State, killing continue, especially Maungdaw and Buthidaung townships after State of Emergency declared by President Thein Sein, said an elder from Arakan who didn’t mention his name.

Today at about 1:05 pm (BST), a Rohingya was shot dead by Nasaka ( Burma ’s border security force) while he was crossing the road by bicycle.

The dead body was identified as Sayed Karim (38), son of Azaw, hailed from Oh-Daung village of Maungdaw Township and the villagers were threaten by shooting when the villagers were going to take the dead body.

According to different sources, yesterday, at about 12:00 mid night, a group of Natala villagers of Oh-Daug village went to the Rohingya Oh-Daung village with lethal weapons to attack the Rohingya villagers and set a mosque on fire. Meanwhile, one of the villagers saw the incident and cried for help. Hearing the hue and cry, the villagers rushed to the spot and distinguished the fire and the Natala villagers ran away from the scene seeing the approaching the villagers.

After the event, at about 12:30 pm, a group of Nasaka went to the village and fired to the villagers where Abdul Hamid and another youth were killed by shooting at about 1: 00 pm while they were going to Zohur prayer. Another woman named Salima Khatun (40), wife of Khornal of Oh-Daung village was also wounded seriously while she was sleeping yesterday night.

In Maungdaw town, at about 10:30 pm, Kur Shida Begum (14), daughter of Rashid Ahmed, hailed from Shwe Zaar village was wounded in her leg while the army shot blindly to the village, said a villager.

Yesterday, at about 11:30 pm, when the Natala villagers went to attack the villagers of Zawmatet, Tharay Kundan (Sirkombo), and Thanda of Maungdaw south, the Rohingya villagers were also ready to attack them. Knowing this, the Natala villagers ran away.

It is learnt that there is a meeting to be held at Buthidaung today between Rohingya and Rakhine community. This is arranged by army, but did not know anything about it, sources said.

Yesterday night, a boat with people was reached at Saint Martin Island to take shelter in Bangladesh , but Bangladesh government did not allow them to land on Bangladesh soil.  It has 39 people including women and children. They got chance to flee to Bangladesh as their husbands were fishing in the sea while the incident was occurred in their village named Zaliya Para of Akyab.  Another boat was sunk in the sea on the way to Bangladesh by firing of rocket launcher by Burmese Navy. All the houses were burnt down by a group of Rakhines and most of the villagers were killed by Rakhines, police and Hluntin.  Most of the villagers were dead after jumping to the sea, according to an elder of Akyab who fled to Bangladesh .

In Akyab, Zaliya Para, Rohingya Para, Nazir Para, Wireless para, Puran Para , Wa Gun Para , Barsara, Santawli Para, Kanpu Para, were burnt down by a group of Rakhine with the cooperation of police and Hluntin.  Though some houses are left in the village, there is no one present in the village. About 1,500 were killed and some were wounded by the event since the event of Friday. All the dead bodies were brought to Daybine, the northern side of Nazir Para where the dead bodies were burnt down after pouring petrol.  The villagers who are alive were also brought to that place (Daybine).

A top United Nations envoy Vijay Nambiar, UN chief Ban Ki-moon’s special adviser on Burma accompanied by Muslim religious leaders from Rangoon and Burma’s border affairs minister general Thein Htay flew into Sittwe, the capital of restive Rakhine state, today.

Nambiar also visited Maungdaw where the latest spate of violence began on Friday.

“We’re here to observe and assess how we can continue to provide support to Rakhine,” Ashok Nigam, UN resident and humanitarian coordinator, according to AFP.

The UN has evacuated most of its foreign staff from Maungdaw, which is its main base in the state and has a large population of stateless Rohingya Muslims.

” Bangladesh has an obligation under international law to keep its border open to people fleeing threats to their lives and provide them protection,” Frelick said.

It also urged other governments to provide humanitarian assistance and other support for the refugees.

The Rohingyas in Arakan state have been suffering from starvation as they have no food, no water and medical access. They are under the control of state of emenrgency so they are not able to buy anything from the market as from 6:00 am to 6:00 curfew is imposed in Rohingya areas, said a villager who is starving.

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