Rakhine racists, police and Hluntin attack Rohingya in Maungdaw in absent of Army

Maungdaw, Arakan State:  A group of Rakhine racists, police and Hluntin are attacking Rohingya properties – burning houses, destroying Mosques and killing Rohingy people today morning after the army left from Maungdaw town , according to an elder from Maungdaw town.
“Last night, after President’s speech to public through MRTV that northern Arakan was handed over to Army to control the situation.  The army controlled the Maungdaw last night and the people get a little relief from tension. But, in the morning after leaving the army from town, a group of Rakhine racists along with police and Hluntin are destroying Rohingya’s properties and religious building and killing Rohingyas.”
“Today morning, after leaving the choppers, which carried the relief goods for Rakhine, the Police, Hluntin and Rakhine set on fire Karim Ullah’s house of Bo Mu para, Maungdaw town at 9:30Pm (BST).”

“Police, Hluntin and Rakhine set on fire the Ward number (5) where three houses were burnt down into ashes   including Ex- MP Fazal Ahmed‘s  house. In Ward number 3, one Mosque and one house owned by Kalam are being destroyed; other houses are being burnt down.”

In Ward number 2, the houses of Nurul Isam, Syed Hussein and Feroz were burnt down and some houses are still burning in front of the Middle School, not known how many houses were destroyed in arson attack. At about 12: 00 noon, Fayazi Para is surrounded by police, Hluntin and Rakhines. Later Sayed Hussain was slaughtered by Rakhines.

Five engines boats along with over 300 people including women and children from Akyab reached at Shapuri Dip of Bangladesh in the morning today, but these boats were pushed back to the sea by BGB personnel so the boat went again to the Saint Martin Island of Bangladesh   where Bangladesh Coast- Guards pushed-back again to Arakan State.  The fate of the people is not known    after pushed back.  It is learnt that some dead bodies and wounded persons are present in the boats.

At about 11:30 am, a truck with Rohingya dead bodies was seen in front of the old jail today, which was taken away by police to unknown places. These are previous dead bodies of Rohingyas.

According to the President Thein Sein’ speech, army will control the situation of the Arakan, but still slaughtering the Rohingya people by the police, Hluntin and some group of  Rakhine  racists. It is very surprise for the Rohingya community.

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