Evening situation of Jun 11 of Maungdaw, Buthidaung and Akyab

Maungdaw, Arakan State: The Burmese president declared yesterday night that army will control unrest areas of Arakan state from June 10. But, in the morning of June 11, police and a group of Rakhine racists started arson attack, looting properties, destroying houses and killing the innocent Rohingya girl and men, said an elder from Maungdaw.

Jamila,28 , daughter Sarfaras, hailed from Shwezar who came to her relative house for taking photograph for her wedding application on Friday (on June 8). But, she was not able to return to her home for unrest. Today at about 10:00am, she was shot death by police while she was going to her another relative house with her three brothers which is not far away. But, her relatives did not find all of them, according to her relative.

Police with some Rakhines went to the Ward number 3 of Maungdaw Town and asked the Rohingya villagers to vacate the village immediately; otherwise, we will not take any responsible for the villagers. Some villagers stayed at the Ward and some were left the village. The Police and Rakhine attacked the reaming villagers where 10 villagers were killed and kept the dead bodies in front of Myoma cinema hall till 4:00pm. After that the dead bodies were shifted to unknown place by truck, said a villager who lives near the spot.

Army was deployed to Maungdaw south and north today morning, but not to Maungdaw town. But, army is deployed in Maungdaw town in the evening, the situation become calm. However, at 7:00pm, police fired to Shwezar south village under the Shwezar village tract where the villagers fled from their homes leaving their properties. Meanwhile, Rakhine villagers from Aung Bala village looted the goods of Rohingyas. Later, police box of Shwezar Bridge brought two trucks of Rakhine youths and dropped to the said Rakhine village. The Rohingyas are living in panic-stricken.

Two Rohingya youths were shot death in Buthidaung Town at about 8:00pm yesterday while they were sitting beside Maungdaw-Buthidaung high way.

Moulana Zaiul Haque, the Imman (Religious leader) of Juma Mosque of Sittwe( Akyab), by police today at about 3:15pm while Rakhines trying to destroy the Mosque.

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