Breaking news: The latest news of June 10 mornings

Breaking news:

The latest news of June 10 mornings

A young poor Rohingya girl – Zahara Begum (12) daughter of Abu Sidduque, hail from Bomu village- was killed by Tin Aye, sergeant from Maungdaw police station when  she went to  kitchen market  to sell  pea at the local village kitchen market of  Kanrre village  at bout 9:00am, the dead body of the girl was kept in police vehicle,  said an eye-witness said to Kaladan press.

A Rakhine racists holds a long sword and preparing to attack Rohingya

Most of the Rohingya shops have been looted by Rakhine racists with the help of Hluntin (riot) and police. All the looted goods were handed over to the Buddhist monastery where the Rakhines- from Natala (settlers) villages- are kept by authorities. The looting was led by Paungmae son of U Aung Gyi.

The Rohingya who killed by Rakhine racists and security personnel in Maungdaw

More than 10 floating dead bodies are seen in the stream, beside of Maungdaw- four mile road in the morning after heavy rain in yesterday.  The Rohingya people believed that the dead bodies were thrown into the stream by security personnel after shooting dead.

Today the missing and wounded collection sources said more than 250  Rohingya people  were killed by security personnel and Rakhine racists.

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