Breaking News: Current Buthidaung situation:

Breaking News

Current Buthidaung situation:

Yesterday, at about  12 noon, 200 Rakhines with long swords came to Buthidaung town by two boats and landed from the U Oo Thama Park in front of police and  went to straight to the Buddhist monastery.  Hearing the news, the Upper Parliament member U Shwe Maung contacted with Tactical Operation Officer of Buthidaung Town to provide security by army to the Rohingyas as the people don’t rely the police security.

Again, today, about 300 Rakhines with lethal weapons came to Buthidaung town by boats from other places. Of them, some had gone to hide in the forest. But, local Rakhines females with children are sent to the secure places.

Rohingya people in Buthidaung Township have been living with constant fear of unholy alliance of Buddhist Rakhines and security forces.

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