100 Rohingyas killed and 500 wounded in Maungdaw

Maungdaw, Arakan State:  An estimated 100 Rohingyas were killed and nearly 500 wounded by Rakhine racists and security personnel since yesterday, according to an elder who collect the information about missing Rohingya and wounded in Maungdaw.

Mohamed Noor , the victim  who was killed by Rrakhine racists  and security personnel
“Two young Rohingya – Kurban Ali and Amaran- were killed by riot police while they processed peaceful demonstration yesterday noon. “

“In the evening two men were wounded near the Naypaydaw junction and on old women was killed by the settlers( Natala).”

Yesterday night, 10 Rohingyas were killed and 15 wounded in the accident of Ward number 5 where Rakhine racists and security personnel set on the fire the Rohingya houses.

Recently the collection lists of dead bodies and wounded persons in different areas of villages in Maungdaw where the Rakhine racists and security personnel killed: 3 Rohingya died and wounded 5 in Myothugyi village; Sawmawna village demolished Mosque 6 died and 6 wounded; 7 died and 2 wounded in Loundon; 3 killed by army in Bagonna village; 3 wounded in Padinn and etc.

An army truck was crossing Du Cheyradan village where 2 Rohingya were shot dead by army when they were sitting in a shop on the road side and then the villagers informed to the nearest Nasaka outpost. The Nasaka told  the villagers to bring the family lists of the dead persons from the village. After seeing the family lists, the Nasaka gave permission to bury the dead bodies in the village, according to a villager.

Most of the dead bodies of Rohingya who were killed by Rakhine racists and security personnel, were kept by the security personnel and nobody known where about it, said a local from Maungdaw.

The dead bodies of Rohingya are hiding in the different places of Maungdaw but, Rakhine racists and security personnel move the dead bodies by pull carts from Yoathet to other place at night today.

A house which was set on fire by security and Rakhine racists

The security personnel and Rakhine racists are rounding together near the Seetehla of Myoma Kkayoungdan village to set on fire the village, said a Rohingya who see the crowed person near the village.

Besides, the army personnel ordered the shopkeepers of Alaythan Kyaw market today to leave the area as the army needs to set up their camp.

Over 3000 Rakhine racists are brought from Rathedaung to Inddin of Maungdaw south by the order of security personnel from Maungdaw to build up their capacity, an elder told to Kaladanpress. “We are very afraid for Rakhine attack as now heavy raining is going on in Maungdaw.”

Similarly, in Buthidaung township, Rakhine racists are given training of the defense in Nyoung Chang monastery  by security personnel who were brought from other side of  Arakan State.

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