Breaking News: Nearly 1000 houses burnt down in Sittwe, over 100 killed, more than 300 wounded

Breaking News
Nearly 1000 houses burnt down in Sittwe, over 50 killed, more than 150 wounded

Sittwe( Akyab: At about 11;00 am to 2 pm, the racist Rakhines with the co-operation of riot police (Hluntin) set on fire to nearly 1000 houses in the Rohingya villages in Sittwe( Akyab), the capital of Arakan State and  over 100 killed and more than 300 wounded by Rakhine racists and security personnel. After setting fire in different villages, the security forces are in cordon the areas. When the Rohingya villagers try to distinguish and intentionally fired to them.

At present, many villagers become homeless and are staying in the open sky. They do not get any supporting from the concerned authorities. About 1000 houses were burnt down to the ashes.

Besides, Shafi Khan Mosque which is situated near the gate of Akyab airport was also burnt down by the racist Rakhines.

Some villages have been identified as—Rohingya Para, Zala Para (village), Gumay Para, Naya para, wireless para and Nazir para were burnt down. . More than ten thousands Rakhine participated to arson of the Rohingya villages in Akyab.

The Rohingya villagers are in panic-stricken without any help from any quarter and survival of the villagers is at stake.

Breaking News: Current Buthidaung situation:

Breaking News

Current Buthidaung situation:

Yesterday, at about  12 noon, 200 Rakhines with long swords came to Buthidaung town by two boats and landed from the U Oo Thama Park in front of police and  went to straight to the Buddhist monastery.  Hearing the news, the Upper Parliament member U Shwe Maung contacted with Tactical Operation Officer of Buthidaung Town to provide security by army to the Rohingyas as the people don’t rely the police security.

Again, today, about 300 Rakhines with lethal weapons came to Buthidaung town by boats from other places. Of them, some had gone to hide in the forest. But, local Rakhines females with children are sent to the secure places.

Rohingya people in Buthidaung Township have been living with constant fear of unholy alliance of Buddhist Rakhines and security forces.

Breaking news: The latest news of June 10 mornings

Breaking news:

The latest news of June 10 mornings

A young poor Rohingya girl – Zahara Begum (12) daughter of Abu Sidduque, hail from Bomu village- was killed by Tin Aye, sergeant from Maungdaw police station when  she went to  kitchen market  to sell  pea at the local village kitchen market of  Kanrre village  at bout 9:00am, the dead body of the girl was kept in police vehicle,  said an eye-witness said to Kaladan press.

A Rakhine racists holds a long sword and preparing to attack Rohingya

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100 Rohingyas killed and 500 wounded in Maungdaw

Maungdaw, Arakan State:  An estimated 100 Rohingyas were killed and nearly 500 wounded by Rakhine racists and security personnel since yesterday, according to an elder who collect the information about missing Rohingya and wounded in Maungdaw.

Mohamed Noor , the victim  who was killed by Rrakhine racists  and security personnel
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