Refugees demonstrate at Burmese refugee camp in Bangladesh

Teknaf, Bangladesh: The official Burmese Rohingya refugees peacefully demonstrated at Nayapara camp after Juma prayer today, said a refugee on condition of anonymity.

“Rohingya refugees demonstrated against the culprits who killed 10 innocent Muslim pilgrims in Taungup on June 3.”

A refugee elder said, “We want to give exemplary punishment to the culprits who killed 10 Muslims pilgrims in Taung Guup, Arakan State by the gang of Rakhine racists.”

Regarding the massacred, on June 7, some Burmese Rohingya refugees from the Nayapara camp distributed some pictures of 10 massacred Muslims in the camp, according to refugees

“We distributed the pictures to the refugees, nearby local villagers, some authorities of Bangladesh and UNHCR. We want to show them, how the innocent Muslims of Burma have been killed by the racist Rakhines.”

The refugees also said, “We urge the Bangladesh authorities and UNHCR to see the Rohingya issue deeply. We have been living in Bangladesh over 21 years, but we don’t see our long-lasting solution.”

Today at about 5:30 pm, Kamurul Zamman, the Camp-in-Charge of Nayapara camp summoned some refugee elders including committee members and gave them advice to stay peacefully in the camp  and  don’t gathering, said refugees.

The Camp-in-Charge said, “We are thinking about the situation of the Arakan State, Burma because of bad situation of Arakan State .”

The Camp-in-Charge also said that don’t go out of the camp without getting permission as refugees can be arrested by the concerned authority and will be sent to jail.

A massacre of 8 Muslim pilgrims together with one Muslim lady escort and one helper were also killed in Taungup Township , Arakan State , Burma on June 3 at about 3:00 pm.

The victims were Muslim pilgrims (Jamat–Islam religious persons) who were   returning to Rangoon by bus after completing of their duty at Thetsa Masjid of Thandwe Township .

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