Peaceful demonstration in Maungdaw, two killed, some wounded

Maungdaw, Arakan state: More than 500 Young Rohingyas – aged between 12 and 15- were going to Kadir Mosque of Myoma Kayaungdan Village from Maungdaw big mosque after Juma prayer to give   respect to the 10- Muslim who were brutally killed in Taungup on June 3. But, on the way, the riot police fired 40 rounds to the air and shoot death two Rohingya youths on the spot, some injured, according to an elder from Maungdaw.

“We are going peacefully without holding any placards, banners and any slogans. But the riot police stopped and fired to us where two of our children died and some injured.”

Rohingyas from Maungdaw distributed leaflets in which mentioned these – to keep Islamic religion, to join in the respecting program of 10-Muslim killed in Taungup and to be careful of storage of arms and ammunition in local monasteries yesterday morning at the junctions of Maungdaw town  and official places, said a  student from Maungdaw.

Lt Col. Aung Gyi, the director of Burma border security force (Nasaka) went to the Maungdaw Tawblique ( Jamat) centre where he said not to do  any respecting program for people  who were killed  in Taungup,  and he also told  to the in charge religious leaders of centre that he will not take any responsible for any actions, said a religious leader from Maungdaw.

“We are not saying anything while the Rakhine killed our 10 Muslims – brothers and sister-on June 3. Now, we only pray for them with this program.”

Settlers (Natala) villagers from Naypaydaw junctions of Maungdaw south beat a Rohingya –Maulana Habib Ullah- while he was crossing the junction. He is still alive but in serious condition. After getting the information of Habib Ullah, the villagers of Nyaung Chaung village set on fire the Naypaydow Junctions village, said a local elder from Nyaung Change.

“The setters also beat a couple of old Rohingya elder – wife and husband- while crossing the said junctions where the woman was dead and the man was serious position.”

In the evening,   some police from Maungdaw town pretending as civilians (Natala) entered the village and observed the situation. But local villagers (Rohingya) believe there will be happened something against us, said a villager from Gawdhu Sara.

Hotel Shwe Thazin was set on fire from road construction work, but some said it was done by Rohingya and some said it was done by Rakhine to implicate the Rohingya people. The fire jumped to two other houses and burnt down into ashes. These belong to Rakhine community. It was happen after shooting to two Rohinya youths, according to an elder from Maungdaw.

Three houses – Razak, Lalu and firewood trader- were put on fire at Ward number 5 at about 4:00 pm by Rakhine community in front of security force.  When Rohingyas rushed to the spot, the security force barred them by shooting. Beside, at 9:15pm, again the Rakhine community with help of security force- police, Hluntinand Nasaka- Ward number 5 of southern side nears the old Jail. But, the fire is still going on. In this event, two Rohingyas were dead by shooting of security force, according to a local  from Ward number 5.

Rohingya from Shwe Zar village rounded up the bridge check- post for beating two Rohingyas where a Rohingya’s hand was broken and another one was hit on his head in the evening.

The burning of Rohingya houses in Maungdaw town are seen from Teknaf and Sharpuridip of Bangladesh. The Rohinhya people in Maungdaw are in panic situation, said Mohamed Kalu , a trader from Teknaf and a local from maungdaw.

All the dead bodies were kept in custody of security force and don’t handed over to the relatives. The Rakhine community is fully cooperated by the security force.

The Maungdaw was imposed curfew from 6: 00am to 6:00pm and we didn’t get  any information about the death of Rakhine community till writing the report.

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