Massacre of Muslim pilgrims by the gang of Rakhine terrorists in Taungup

Akyab, Arakan State: A massacre of 8 Muslim pilgrims along with one escort – a Muslim lady – and one helper was occurred in Taungup Township in southern Arakan State, Burma yesterday at about 3:00pm by an organized terrorist gang of Buddhist Rakhines, according to a pilgrim who return from Thandwe and see off the eight Muslim pilgrims.

“The victims were Muslim pilgrims (Jamat – Islam religious persons, who are going to one place to another where they discuss about religious matters) returning to Rangoon in a bus after completing of their spiritual service at Thetsa Masjid of Thandwe, southern Arakan on June 3, 2012, Rakhine terrorists set upon it and massacred 8 Muslim pilgrims along with one escort and one helper. The culprits were celebrating triumph spitting and tossing the wine and alcohol on the dead bodies lying on the road.”

The names of the 8 murdered pilgrims were: Muhammed Sharief (a) U Ne Pwe (58) NRC No. 8/Ta Ka Ta (N) 095548, Muhammed Hanif (a) U Maung Ni (65)   NRC No. Ta Ka Ta (N) 095530, Shafield Bai (a) U Aye Lwin (52)  NRC No. 8/Ta Ka Ta (N) 094557, Aslam Bai (a) U Aung Myint (50) NRC No. 8/Ta Ka Ta (N) 094557, Balai Bai (a) Tayzar Myint (28) NRC No. Ta Ka Ta (N) 189815, Shuaib (a) Tin Maung Htwe (21) NRC No. 8/Ta Ka Ta (N) 231084, Salim Bai (a) Aung Bo Bo Kyaw (26) NRC No 14/Ma La Na (N) 231084 and Lukman Bai (a) Za Nyi Nyi Htut (33) NRC No 14/Ma La Na (N) 148133.

“The gang of Rakhine terrorists stopped the bus -7 (Ga) 7868- at junction of Immigration gate where the terrorists Rakhine called “comedown all, if there is Kala” with holding lethal weapons where the escort and helper requested to the terrorists Rakhine not to do any harm to the passengers. But, the terrorists forced to get in bus and shouted that there is Kala. Then they started to beat the 8 Muslim pilgrims and dragged the Muslim from bus to the road where more than 300 organized terrorists gang of Buddhist Rakhines had beaten the Muslim until the dead,” according to elder from the Taungup while Kaladan News called.

“The bus – Yoma Thettha -was owned by a Muslim and the terrorists Rakhine destroyed the bus and it has been standing still at the gate of Immigration where no authorities came out to the spot to stop the massacre.”

The dead bodies of 10 Muslim – killed by the gang of Rakhine terrorists in Taungup – will bury in Thandwe Islamic cemetery at about 2:00pm, according to Yagoon Press International. “More security personnel are deployed at the cemetery where the dead bodies were kept and the relatives and Thandwe people were visited the cemetery to pay last respect to the dead bodies.”

On the other hand, Akyab police station number one fired to the mob (Rakhine) who tried to attack the police station at about 10:00pm for demanding to find out a Rakhine man – a market tax collector- who quarreled with Rohingya shopkeepers for over collecting money in Nazi market in Akyab. But, he (collector) was handed over to the police station,” according to an elder from Akyab. “The Nazi quarter is a big Rohingya quarter in Akyab.”

Dead bodies arrived in Thandwe,  photo:

“The Rakhine Nationalities Development Party (RNDP) Chairman Dr. Aye Maung led five members with Col Htein Lin, Ministry of Security and Border Affairs, Arakan State went to the police station for negotiation between the local Rakhines and police force. But, they failed.”

“Akyab will be kept with tight security and authorities keep watch the people.”

The concerned authority reinforces Hluntin (Paramilitary force) from Maungdaw to Akyab  from protection of untoward situation of any riot, said a politician from Maungdaw.

In recent months anti-Rohingya propagandas have been carried out by Rakhine extremists and xenophobes inside and outside of Burma harping on the old tune, “Rohingya is not a nationality in Burma, they are illegal immigrants from Bangladesh” with intent to exterminate them ultimately. Surprisingly these organized efforts have been carried out in line with the recent statements of some responsible ministers and authorities of the U Thein Sein government. Nevertheless, the rejection of Rohingya coupled with continued persecution and ‘Rakhine terrorism’ against them indicates the early sign of genocide in Arakan, according to the eight  Rohingya organizations’ statement.

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